Which Educational Toy Is Just Right?

"Which educational toy is right?" is a question I've heard so many times. You see, many parents only want what's best for their child. And that's what I hope to answer here.


For your child, play is self-development and discovery... and toys are the essential tools.

We aim to find fun, playful and laughter ways for kids to develop their talents and master new skills. You'll only find accurate and practical opinions, advice and tips to help you make an informed decision about what's most likely best for your child.

Stacking cups are simple, cheap and very popular educational toysWe include tips and suggestions, as well as articles with a bit of meaty background. You'll also find several product reviews covering everything from toys for babies to games for teenagers.

But before we start, let's just make sure we are all talking about the same thing when referring to learning or educational toys... especially since much unnecessary confusion is currently created in the market.

About educational toys...


Kids learn because they play!

They're playthings for fun, laughter and enjoyment while gradually and discreetly teaching much-needed new skills and abilities. And sometimes they're used to reinforce and further improve skills already mastered.

I was surprized to find that two to five-year-olds are also amused by the Learn & Groove Musical Table. I would not buy it specifically for older children, but if your baby has older siblings, this will be a hit with them too.In short... in kids' world play help them learn about themselves and their surroundings... and educational toys are the tools they use to do that.

Nowadays these toys are so cleverly designed that their feel, size, shapes, colors, interactions and the way our child handles and plays with them encourages specific physical and mental actions. These toys bring out a specific response from our child... which is precisely what we want.

What exactly do these toys do?

And these actions are specific skills our child must learn and master during their formative years to gain a complete range of capabilities. And obviously, the more our child plays with these toys, the stronger his brain's neural pathways are developed. Exciting about the crawl climb caterpillar is that toddlers can crawl along inside, climb over and ride it too. Even a wonderful toy to encourage baby crawling

Correctly selected learning toys can be fun aids to help development of:

  • physical abilities

  • mental and cognitive skills

  • language and social skills

Here, we'll look at all of that.

But just where did we get our experience and information about these learning toys?

How it started

Many years ago my wife, an occupational therapist, was asked by a leading university's Department of Pediatrics to start an educational toy library... one of the first of its kind at the time. A lot was learned from visiting various manufacturers, distributors, therapists using these playthings for developmental purposes and parents. Today, still, that toy library is running and fully operational and still serving little ones!

The Sequence numbers game is for 5 year olds and up - for enjoyably improving number skillsOf course, we also evaluated the results we and others saw in therapy sessions. And we looked at scholastic performance with our older children. Advice from our parents also guided much of the day-to-day decisions with these educational toys. But we've decided not to report on all those technical details. We'll rather keep things simple, informative and, hopefully, easy to find.

Toddler sliderWe also started receiving new toys to review and to report on. I, an engineer, had to step up my knowledge of toy safety, plastics, manufacturing, durability, colors and more. And soon we reached the point where advice and inputs from other folks, particularly occupational, physio- and speech therapists, were also needed and in the end obtained. Their experience and contributions are also condensed somewhere on these pages.

Your responsibility

You have a responsibility to guide your child's development... and that includes choosing the right and best toys to help with the task.

So, come in and look around at the fun and learning world of these toys!

We're still busy upgrading our look and feel... but the contents remain the same.

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Educational toy recommendations - only after we've sought and found the very best ones.
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