Select Baby Bed Mobiles for Stimulating Development and Learning

Baby bed mobiles are essential playthings for any young infant. You probably already know mobiles help to improve infant development. So, rather than just putting up one and hoping that your baby will get the right stimulation, you can do a few things to get the most learning value from this baby toy.

Tiny Love Musical Nature StrollMobiles and toy bars are the first baby toys demanding real interaction from your child. They challenge your baby to do and explore. This interaction is also the basis for later communication.

So, don't limit your baby to just one mobile that he sees when going to sleep. Consider getting more than one. It hardly serves any purpose when your child briefly sees the same one before falling asleep.

Also, grab a learning opportunity when going on those driving trips, stroller rides, and journeys by using toy bars. Here are a few baby mobiles to have a look at...

Fisher-Price Friendly Firsts Smart Response Musical Mobile Sunny Stroll mobile Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile
Manhattan Toy Infant Stim-Mobile Fisher Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile Tiny Love Nature's Serenade Mobile

While the world of baby bed mobiles is fairly large, the four that we decided to narrow down upon are reviewed below with the corresponding age group we found great results with.

Tiny Love Clip and Go Musical Mobile

Tiny Love Clip and Go Musical MobileThis baby bed mobile worked well for ones who were under the 3 month mark. The best part about this toy is that it has two dimensions to it. There is a black, white and red side that works for the early visual stimulation of the baby, while the colored side is more appropriate for the next stage.

There is some great classical music that is perfect for enhancing the auditory senses of these little ones. There is the option of spinning the mobile without playing the music, which is a huge plus point for us. The spinning of the toy helps the child to stay engrossed in the motion and works wonders when the idea is to put the baby to sleep. Another advantage of this baby mobile is that it is battery operated and so once set, it will play on till turned off. Since we cannot afford to keep winding toys, this worked very well for the day care center.

The 3-D soft toys of the second stage are rather cute and perfectly safe even for babies who can reach out and grab them. There are no hard or pointed parts that can hurt the child and the mobile fits very well on the crib, though personally we found the claw much sturdier than the Velcro strap.

Tiny Love Tiny Princess Mobile

Tiny Love Tiny Princess MobileBabies under the age of 5 months did exceptionally well with this remote control operated baby bed mobile. We avoid buying gender specific toys since their use gets too restrictive, but the advantages of this baby mobile won me over. Since the mobile comes with a remote, it is very convenient to control everything right from the music to the motion without having to go up to the crib.

The spinning characters on the mobile are great for a baby who has learnt to focus and the fact that it can be detached from the music box helps when wanting to put the baby to sleep with the only the music to soothe her and not the spinning to distract her.

The color of the mobile is primarily pink, but there are other soft colored toys that form 'colorful circles' when in the spinning mode. Visually the toy is a treat for babies, while the 20 minute music composition can calm down even an adult. The night light seemed like a good thought too, though we never got around to using it in the baby center.

Fisher Price Farm Musical Mini Mobile Toy

Fisher Price Farm Musical Mini MobileThis baby bed mobile was rather useful in keeping a lot of our 5 months to a year old babies busy. Once babies learn to sit up, they need to explore with their hands too.

Simply stimulating their visual and auditory sense is not enough to keep these babies occupied. This is why this mini mobile brings in tactical movements and therefore allows the babies to not only learn about cause and effect, but also better their hand eye co-ordination and learn about various textures too. The yellow chick, blue horse and pink pig are great for color recognition and work as perfect teethers for these itchy gums.

The child learns that by tugging the horse, the toy will break out into music, this cause and effect relationship forms a great foundation for future years. The nursery rhymes played by the toy are catchy and the basic 1 to 3 numbers helps the older kids to get familiar with these concepts. Identifying the various animals helps these 'barely learning to talk' babies add to their vocabulary.  

Baby Neptune Soothing Seascape Discover and Play Mobile

Baby Neptune Soothing Seascape Discover and Play MobileThis is one of the baby bed mobiles that seems to have universal appeal in your baby care center. This is why we ended up buying three of these turtles. The younger kids seem to enjoy the light and sound show that this toy offers. The colors of the toy are basic and do not overwhelm the senses of the baby. A lot of our under 6 month babies will happily drift off to sleep watching this mobile toy.

The older ones chuckle with delight when they press the buttons to get the fish swimming or the bubbling started or even hear the ocean sounds. The colorful 'moving' fish are great in helping these young ones focus on moving objects and thus better their visual focus. The toy is effective in bettering hand eye co-ordination. The head and the feet of the turtle are soft and textured, which is great for these babies who are barely learning to use their fingers to feel things.  

The toy comes with a night light too, though we have never used it. The clamp on the toy makes it very handy since it goes on to anything right from the crib to the rocking chair.

Each of these baby bed mobiles helped us to keep our babies happy and entertained, but most importantly safe. Of course there are many types of baby bed mobiles in the market today, however, these ones all ensured our babies were always safe.

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