Have Fun With Select Baby Water Toys While Growing Skills

Using chosen baby water toys for stimulation, encouragement and, of course, fun is a very neglected way of encouraging infant skills development. Some babies love their bath, others only tolerate them and yet others seem to totally dislike them.

That’s why I believe one of our first goals must be to make bath and water time another fun activity... safely. And if we use the right toys and aids, then bathing and pool time can also be transformed into ‘development’ and ‘learning’ time.

What baby water toys?

Rubber bath spout cover
Tough rubber bath spout cover is an indispensable part of safe bath times

Although some of the baby water toys we’ll look at are not really toys, they still make bathing and water time a fun and learning activity… which I believe is the main goal! So, I’ll include these too.

We’ll separately look at:

Making bath time fun

Sometimes a small baby bath or an adapter for a regular bath can be a good idea to make bathing more tolerable. So before merely advancing to baby water toys, it could be a good idea to get a brightly colored, interesting tub for baby. It could be a standalone tub or one that goes into regular tub.

What I also like about these tubs is the added visual stimulation they provide.

Newborn to toddler tub
Newborn to toddler
Inflatable duck tub
Inflatable duck
Newborn to toddler bath center
Newborn to toddler
bath center
  • Think about something like the Born To Toddler Tub that's great for holding and supporting your baby during bath times. It comes with a mesh sling and padded headrest to offer support to young babies.
  • The Inflatable Duck tub is a good idea too. It is light and easily portable because it can be deflated too.
  • This Newborn to Toddler Bath Center and Shower is another option that recommends itself because of the way it grows with baby. At first use the new born sling in the sink then the tub with the shower outside and then the little tub that will fit inside a regular one.

Get started with baby water toys

So what should those first toys be like? Here are a few ideas we know work well:

Sail away shapes from Learning Resources
Sail Away shapes
Brightly colored octopus bathtime toy
Octopus bathtime toy
Foam educational bath toys with letter and shapes
Educational bath toys
  • The Smart Splash Sail Away shapes are colorful floating toys for baby's bath. They're a good start for teaching eye hand coordination to little ones and older babies can have fun matching the sail to the boat and making a chain of boats.
  • The individually packaged Floating Light Up Bath Toys come in a set of 6 and toys light up and bob up and down.
  • Of course there's also the Educational baby water toys made from nontoxic materials giving plenty of perceptual stimulation and fun. There are letters to be inserted into puzzles for encouraging letter and shape recognition. I like these ones as they're something different with a unique educational twist!
Little squirts bath toys
Little Squirts bath toys
Pistol spray duck
Pistol spray duck
Sunflower shower
Sunflower shower
  • The Squirt Toys are always great fun too. These cute and colorful characters squirt water when squeezed. Somehow I still feel that every baby and young one should have some kind of squirt toys for bath times.
  • Although the Pistol Spray pump is typically for slightly bigger infants, little ones find this one great fun, especially with a little help from mom or dad. For slightly bigger infants with better hand coordination this one further improves eye hand coordination with lots of fun.
  • Another great fun baby bath toy is this Sunflower shower which sprays water when your child presses the star button. The suction cup lets you stick the sunflower to the bath or another smooth surface.

Tip: You only have to accidentally sit on one of the bath toys when you take a bath to know that a toy organizer is an indispensable item for every bathroom Smiley3

Bath toy organizer
Bath toy organizer
Hippo bath toy organizer
Hippo bath toy organizer
Storage tray for bath toys
Storage tray
for bath toys

More baby water toy ideas

There are also plenty of water toys that can be used in the yard or garden or the patio during the warmer months. Some of these toys can also double as indoor bath toys. In fact, most of them usually do!

12-Piece sand bucket set which also doubles as bath time toys
Beach-bath-sand toys
Spiralling waterpark
Spiralling waterpark
Sprinkle and splash play mat
Sprinkle and splash playmat
  • It seems like every child should have one of those Evergreen water-sand-beach toys which lets them have fun, explore their creativity and enjoy the feeling of sand and water between their fingers. These can be used with wet sand, water or with kinetic sand and can be taken anywhere. About a week ago I still found the plastic bucket of kids' set which we now use for garden pruners!
  • A water activity center is another good idea for the summer as an outdoor activity and perhaps as a bath time activity as well. The Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table is one of the fancier baby water toys that little ones have hours of fun with, especially in warmer climates. There are balls to drop down a spiral, a Ferris wheel and water wheel and some more fun characters.
  • The Sprinkle and Spray Splash mat is ideal to keep the little one busy on a warm summer day. It attaches to a garden hose and lets your baby and friends enjoy their own personal fountain. Since it is a mat and not a pool there is minimal danger for injuries, especially with parent supervision.

Baby water toys for the pool

If your baby really likes water, s/he gained a valuable skill very quickly which can be taken further by, possibly,  learning to swim. This is something we took seriously to teach all our children to swim at a very early age. I suggest you start with a home pool and then gradually move to larger ones... should it be necessary.

Baby swimming pool - inflatable
Baby swimming pool
Water play center
Water play center
Inflatable pool with electrical pump
Inflatable pool
  • This Inflatable Pool can double as an early play area for little ones. What I do it to put all the small playthings, like balls and soft toys inside the pool together with my child. Of course, my little one cannot get hurt or the toys roll away outside reach.
  • Alternatively you can opt for a larger Water Play Center with its own slide, water spray and toys. There are plenty of other options as well: pools with more slides, built in games and other toys, a rainbow and more fun features.
  • Maybe you need to consider a larger portable pool. This is something that I find particularly useful for smaller gardens... and older kids and the rest of the family can enjoy too.
Inflatable pool floaters for infants
Inflatable pool floaters
Car-shaped cartoon pool float
Car-shaped cartoon
pool float
Retractable sunshade baby pool
Retractable sunshade baby pool
  • Plus of course there are those inflatable floater baby water toys that will help kids overcome their fear of water and let them splash about and actually help in learning to swim eventually. Choose a simple pool float in colorful, bright patterns, or something a little more racy and fun such as this Car Shaped Pool Float with its own backrest, steering wheel and other accessories.
  • Another option I like, especially in sunny, hot areas, is the retractable sunshade pool float to protect your little one from unnecessary and dangerous sunburn.

Water aids and activities

  • There are plenty of things around the house you can use to make bath time loads of fun. These can be simple household items such as spouted jugs, beakers and cups (made from safe and unbreakable materials of course). Filling, pouring and emptying these in the bath can be endlessly fascinating for the young baby.
  • Sponge or foam shapes can be very interesting too (ensure that baby is supervised constantly... you don’t want them biting off a piece) as it gets saturated and releases water.
  • Similarly a kitchen strainer or colander (a big one you typically use for straining macaroni and pasta) with its shower like effect can be a lot of fun too.
  • Balloons can be a fun addition to bath times too.
Floating foam blocks for baby and toddler bathtimes
Floating foam blocks
Educational bath letters and numbers
Educational bath letters
and numbers
Foam bath letters and numbers together with mesh bath toy organizer
Foam bath letters, numbers
& mesh organizer

Tips to make water time fun

Before you dive right in with the baby water toys shopping, consider what changes you can immediately easily make to make bath time fun.

Let the focus be on having fun. Give bath time a build up and get involved in the fun. Splash a bit, tell baby a story and enjoy yourself, so that your baby will too!

Also let your baby discover how some things are far more fun in the water: the nesting cups float, the colorful car makes an interesting burbling sound as it is submerged below the water and so on.

Tip: Most toys and aids can almost always be instantly transformed into educational toys by merely using them in a structured way to teach little ones a few additional skills.

With a bit of luck you now have a bunch of great ideas about baby water toys to work with as well as some useful tips on making bath times fun.

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