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How to Make A Roller To Assist

Following the baby crawl article we posted, we received many requests on how to make a roller or where to buy one. Then I remembered something I've had great results with... a homemade 'roller'.  Of course, the main idea with any of these homemade devices is to raise your baby's upper body and allow some free movement of the arms and hands to play and explore... and ultimately start moving forward on arms and legs.

Some time ago I helped a 13 month old baby with this "roller". I didn't have one around, so I made a homemade one with what was available.

But one thing I do remember is that the boy started crawling very soon after I've used this "roller".

Let's look at 2 ways to make such a roller.

Helping Baby Crawl

Make a Roller Using a Bathroom Towel

  1. Take any normal large bathroom or swimming towel.

  2. Spread it out flat on the ground.

  3. Reduce the width of the towel by folding it in half. You'll now have a long narrow towel.

  4. Form a roll by rolling the towel over the length of the towel. Start at one of the short ends and finish at the other short end. You should now have a short fat towel roll... something similar to the photos below.

  5. Use this "roller" exactly as described in our crawling article.

  6. If the roller is too small (low), then use 2 towels rather than just one.

The width of the folded towel must be adequate to support both your baby's arms when lying on top of the crawl roller

Do not make the roller too "fat". Your baby's elbows should touch the floor when the roller is supporting his upper body as described in the article

But, here's another way to make a baby roller.

Make a Roller Using Coffee Tins

  1. Get 3 empty coffee tins with sealable plastic lids. These often have diameters of about 5" (12 cm) or slightly smaller.

  2. Fill the tins with dry sand and replace the plastic lids.

  3. Cover the tower with 1" foam rubber or 1" soft cloth.

  4. Wrap the padded tower in denim, artificial leather or any other durable material. I like to make a tight-fitting "pillow case" in which I put the tins.

That's it... as simple as that!

Finally, use the roller exactly as outlined in our baby crawling article to see results soon.

This works well, but if you're like me, making a roller isn't always how I like to make things work. Here are a few 'roller' alternatives you can also try:

A firm 6" diameter foam roller. It's 3 feet long which is ample to support your baby.
Firm 6" diameter
foam roller

Even use an inflatable crayon to assist baby crawling
Inflatable crayon

Inflatable 6" diameter roller for supporting your baby's upper body to encourage crawling
Inflatable 6" diameter
foam roller

For quite a bit more detail, tips and tricks on helping your baby master this important development skill, go here.

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