Master Baby Milestones With Select Educational Toys

Baby milestones are often seen as known, easily recognizable achievements to measure your child's development progress.

In fact… these milestones will not only give you a hint of how your child is progressing… you'll constantly know what the next goal is. But what you may not be aware of is that select educational toys can encourage your child to master these milestones.

Let's first look at a few of these important goals.

Goal 1: Reach these 4 critical baby milestones first
  • Controls head ± 3 months
  • Sitting ± 6 months
  • Crawl ± 9 - 10 months
  • Walk ± 13 - 15 months
Goal 2: Encourage playing with toys

Encourage Baby to look at and follow brightly colored toys and objects. It's not great stimulation, but carefully selected educational toy develops certain skills your child needs to master the important baby milestones!

Goal 3: Encourage speech development

Speech development is one of the most important development milestones. Be on the lookout for slow speech development. Clear-cut slow speech development may be an early indication of learning problems. So, if in doubt, seek professional help.

Now… let's briefly look at the age appropriate milestones and how select toys can encourage your baby to master them.

Baby Milestones for 0 - 3 Month Olds

  • Your baby's head is still floppy
  • … and it's mostly turned to one side
  • Baby really likes to listen to sounds…
  • but is only able to make odd sounds and noises

So in short… not many baby milestones you can watch at this stage. But here are a few educational toys to encourage your baby's development.

Lion mobile
Lion mobile

Activity mat
Activity mat

Freddie the Firefly
Texture toy

Links rattle which is also a good texture toy
Links rattle

Activity spiral
Activity toy

Wind chime
Wind chime

Baby squeeze ball
Squeeze ball

Plush elephant for babies
Plush elephant

Milestones for 3 - 6 Month Olds

  • Your baby looks mostly straight ahead… that's what's called "head in midline"
  • And hands are mostly held in front of the body
  • But baby looks around quite a bit

Lying on stomach

  • Baby lifts head to peak around and…
  • Begins to support his/her body on 1 arm
  • Also… the body is pushed up with straight arms
  • And Baby can roll from stomach onto back

Lying on back

  • The normal infant milestone is when Baby can get into a sitting position
  • And by now head control is better… so Baby's head is fairly stable
  • Baby is even able to roll left and right


  • Baby can only sit with some form of support… and a bent back

Here are a few more educational toys to encourage development and to master the milestones.

Musical monkey baby toy
Musical monkey

Activity center
Activity center

Rattle and teether toy
Rattle & teethers

Soft blocks
Soft blocks

Plush books for babies
Plush book

Baby activity mat
Activity mat

Responsive teether for infants
Responsive teether

Take along tunes music toy for baby
Music toy

Baby Milestones For 6 - 9 Month Olds

Lying on back

  • Baby can lift legs and roll to stomach

Lying on stomach

  • Baby uses arms to move in a circle… unfortunately still on the same spot
  • But… starts to glide…
  • And eventually gets into a crawling position


  • Baby still needs support on the sides and in front
  • But also starts to sit independently
  • Baby's hands starts crossing midline… that's body centre… when playing. You can even stimulate reaching this baby milestone by placing objects slightly to Baby's side.


  • Toys are held in both hands
  • And in time… is transferred from one hand to the other
  • And watch closely… Baby takes objects with thumb and 2 fingers… or with fingers and palm

Here are a few educational toys for stimulation and encouraging development.

Count and compose music toy for baby
Music toy

One of the best toys for 6-9 month olds is an activity box

Activity box

Activity toys are almost must-haves for overall baby development stimulation
Activity toy

Activity stations are multi-area stimulation toys and work very well for babies and toddlers
Activity station

Duplo building blocks are ideal playthings for babies and toddlers
Building blocks

Pull toys are ideal for stimulating walking in young babies who just mastered this skill
Pull toy

The corn popper push toy is probably one of the best eduational infant toys I've ever purchased
Push toy

Consider a music activity table for 6-9 month olds next time you're looking for a baby toy
Music toy

Baby Milestones for 9 - 12 Month Olds

Lying on back

  • Baby comfortably gets into sitting position

Lying on stomach

  • Starts to crawl from stomach position…
  • And even bear walks… using straight arms and legs


  • Sitting alone and without support is possible…
  • And can go from sitting to lying
  • Also… baby can support her/himself at the back when sitting.


  • Baby still uses objects to support standing…
  • And goes from standing to sitting.


  • Baby regularly points with index finger…
  • voluntarily releases objects…
  • and holds objects between tips of index finger and thumb (pincer grip).


  • Baby mostly makes a combination of sounds…
  • but begins to use "mama" or "dada" specifically for mom or dad


  • Baby starts putting objects in containers…
  • and bangs toys together
  • Also… Baby rolls a ball, tries to catch it…
  • and actively starts to take part in play

Here are a few educational toys that works well to stimulate this age group.

Music activity table
Music toy

activity cubes are select toys for 9-12 month olds
Activity cube

A good baby book will not only last a long time, but also give your baby valuable learning time

Simple color and texture puzzles are great alternatives to ordinary ones
Texture puzzles

Wooden blocks are probably some of the very best value for money toys for all ages
Wooden blocks

Stacking cups can be great for bathtime and outside fun.
Stacking cups

Building blocks are great all-rounder educational infant toys
Building block

Bath toys are a good alternative form of educational infant toy
Bath toy

12 - 18 Month Olds


  • Baby holds onto furniture…
  • But can get into standing position from sitting
  • Walking when baby's hand is held is easy…
  • and eventually develops into walking alone… one of the great achievements! And great day to remember!
  • At this stage Baby starts pushing and pulling toys…
  • and even starts climbing onto and over objects.


  • Baby starts scribbling… but grips with thumb and forefingers


  • An important stage is where Baby consistently uses 5 - 7 words...
  • while still imitating single words
  • and 2 word sentences


  • Baby starts following simple commands
  • And recognizes pictures and some body parts
  • As well as drinks from cup…
  • and can sit on a toilet


  • Baby definitely plays much more constructively…
  • and can puts toys in and take them out of containers
  • Starts turning pages of a book
  • Also… builds 2 - 4 block towers

Here are a few toys for stimulating development in this age range.

Sit to stand learning walker
Learning walker

Toy telephones for babies 12 months and older are great to mimic what adults do
Toy telephone

this is a very entertaining & learning two-sided play house
Learning home

The peg puzzle bundle is very entertaning, fun and provides ample learning
Peg puzzles

bathtime letters for 12-24 month olds
Bathtime letters

Alphabet blocks may be a bit too advanced for 12-24 month olds. but they're great for buiding... and your baby will grow into them.
Alphabet blocks

The ride-on trike is a favorite with girls and boys
Ride-on trike

Big plush toys will always be favorites of all toddlers and babies
Bath toy

Lastly, visit this pages for more about baby milestones and specific toy selections.

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