5 Great Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Baby Mobile

Very few parents realize that a great baby mobile shouldn't cost a lot. In fact, to prove it, here's a simple, easy-to-make, yet exceptionally effective learning device anyone can make.

Benefits of making this specific baby mobile

  • You can vary the stimulation of this mobile to guard against over stimulation

  • Baby's attention can always be kept high for optimum development by changing the objects dangling from the gadget

  • Baby's visual attention is expanded since the hanging objects move slower and are easier to follow

  • Grasping with one hand and using both hands together is intensely encouraged with this baby mobile

  • Rarely do other mobiles allow… discovering the texture and shape of the dangling objects

You see, the single most important goal of your baby's early learning process is to get several senses and skills to work together on one single object. Typically these are seeing, feeling, tasting, reaching and hearing.

This one does all of this… quickly, easily, playfully... at a mere fraction of the cost of the latest hyped plastic..

How To Make A Baby Mobile In 8 Easy Steps

  1. Find a long dowel rod (at least 12mm, ½", diameter) or even a normal yardstick to use as suspender bar for the crosspiece.    

  2. Fix this dowel, yardstick or suspender bar to the top of the cot approximately above Baby's chest.   

  3. Use a piece of cardboard or plastic tube, wooden clothes hanger (removing the wire hook) or even rubber hose as the crosspiece. No sharp objects allowed.   

  4. Tie a strong piece of string to the middle of the crosspiece. Hanging the mobile by tying the other end to the suspender bar at the top of the cot.   

  5. Tie a piece of string to each end of the crosspiece.     

  6. Tie small objects to the end of the string tied to the crosspiece. The object must dangle at the distance of Baby's outstretched hand when lying in the cot.   

  7.  Tie other small objects to the same crosspiece, making sure the crosspiece still balances.      

  8. Finally… make sure that the swing of the crosspiece is such that when Baby grabs an object, he can put it in his mouth.

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The best objects to hang from the baby mobile's crosspiece are... colorful booties, blocks, rattles, squeaky toys, small plastic bottles, and teething rings. In fact, you can use almost any child-safe object as long as it's colorful, have different textures and contrasts light and dark. You can even tie colorful ribbons to old and dull toys.

Tie fewer objects to the crosspiece at a time, but change them more often. Changing the objects once or twice per week eliminates over stimulation and also keeps your baby's curiosity and interest for much longer.

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