Why Your Child Should Have A Building Block Toy

The building block toy concept seems to be around as long as I can remember. But what you may not know is that old-fashioned blocks are some of the best value-for-money child development toys you can buy.

Classic Embossed Alphabet Blocks ABC Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks Fisher-Price Little People Builders Stack 'n Learn Alphabet Blocks

Child development experts have found that blocks are great for encouraging a child's imagination. After all, blocks are just wood or colored plastic geometric shapes until your child creates a tower, building or city.

Verde Verde Color Wood Foam Blocks
Foam blocks
100 Piece Wood Blocks Set
Wood block set

Blocks also are a great social skills toy, because playing with blocks encourages group play and cooperation.

You can also use block play as a meaningful parent-child bonding time. Use this time to team up and create an architectural masterpiece... it's a great learning and development exercise.

A building block toy teaches your child patience and problem-solving as she learns by trial-and-error how to best build structures. Experts also say that playing with blocks sharpen fine motor skills.

Castle building blocks
Castle blocks
Duplo basic bricks
Duplo basic bricks
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks
Cardboard blocks

If you go shopping you'll find as many building blocks sets on the market as there are kids. I always advise parents to get a set that comes with its own bag or carrying cases. It's just my lazy way of finding an easy solution for storing the blocks.

For younger children you can always depend on brightly colored blocks and blocks with colorful designs. These are always popular and very good development aids.

The classic numbers-and-letters blocks still have a place. They're especially valuable for children about 2.5 years and older.

Giant Building Block 40-piece Set

Giant Building Blocks

Citiblocs Original Wooden Building Block Set - 200 Pieces


Tegu Pocket Pouch - Mahogany - Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks

Magnetic Wooden Blocks

You'll have many more choices for children aged about 3 years and older. Nowadays you get giant blocks, Lego-style kits, magnetic blocks, picture blocks, puzzle blocks... there's almost anything you can imagine! Get these blocks for your toddler. She'll have many stimulating fun hours with them.

When you're looking for a superb stimulation toy for your child, you may be thinking about digital toys. Those digital toys have their place. But you may actually be getting better educational and child stimulation value-for-money with an ordinary, old-fashioned building block toy!

Basic Building Blocks Extra-Large Starter Set

Extra Large Starter Blocks

Haba sticky bricks (sticky building blocks)

Sticky Blocks

Freestyle Block Building Set, 1200 Piece Set

Freestyle Building Blocks

A Unique Reason Why I Like Building Blocks

Over many years I've seen that parts and bits of most kid toys break or get lost. Problem is that many toys become unusable or loses its play value if it is not 100% complete.

That's where building block toys are very unique... it never loses it's play value, even if a few pieces are missing!

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