Your Carefully Selected Castle Toy Is Always a Winner With Kids

LEGO Architecture FallingwaterI've seen that a carefully selected castle toy will always be a huge winner with kids. Both my sons got one when they were young, and although there were a few years between these gifts, the enjoyment and excitement was the same.

A few other castles you may want to consider are listed below...

Schleich Knight's Castle

Schleich Knight's CastleDesigned for kids fiver years and older, this castle comes with two towers, 4 walls and 2 connecting elements. The drawbridge is a hug attraction of this castle and serves well in adding spice to the child’s imagination.

The interesting part about this castle is that it can be made in different combinations, thus allowing the child a much larger variety. One can buy made to fit Schleich knights' figures in order to add to the pretend play experience.

All in all, a delightful toy where kids can free their imagination completely.

Archer, kneeling Tournament Knight, Dragon Schleich Dragon

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts CastleLEGO Harry Potter: Hogwarts Castle Set

While the age on the box says 7years to 12 years; this Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle has caught the interest of many adults too. As captivating as the book itself, the castle comprises of 943 pieces and helps to recreate the image of the legendary magical school.

There is everything in the castle, right from Umbridge’s office to the Room of Requirements. The set includes figures which makes play even more interesting and you can enact almost any part from the book or make up your own personal scenes too.

This toy is very effective in not only providing kids with physical grounds to enact their imagination but also works as the perfect toy to keep the kids occupied and away from trouble.

Harry Potter (Blue Jacket) with Wand LEGO Ron Weasley Professor Snape with Wand

Other Castle Toys

Lego Make & Create Café Corner Lego Castle Chess Set Lego Knights Kingdom Royal Castle

For a bigger castle selection, have a look at this selection we found.

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