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It would not be wrong to say that checkers board games wear the crown in the world of board games. The rules in checkers are few compared to, say, chess where a player may take weeks to learn the names of the pawns and their moves. However, this game does involve strategy building which is responsible for most of its popularity.

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The game appeals to kids and adults alike since it is simple to learn and yet can take a lifetime to become a real master.

What makes checkers board games to popular are the many variations to it. Below is a list of some of the checker boards and how they open a world of options for the players-

Checkers & Checkerboard

Basic checkers and checkerboardThis one comes in a basic square design of a 13 inch by 13 inch board. There are 24 plastic interlocking pieces for the players to move with. This silk screened hardboard game opens up the world of checkers for players from ages two and above. Right from the basic game to suicide checkers, where the player to loose all his/her pieces is the winner; you can play it all on this board.

Great for about 5 year olds and up.

Jumbo Checker Rug Game

The popular checker rugThis one is a delight for the checkers beginner. The rug is machine washable and the pieces are 3" diameter, which makes it easy for kids to move their pieces. The large pieces make the game safe for toddlers too.

Great for about 5 year olds and up.


Red & Black Wood Checkers Set

Wood checkers setThis is a wooden set and really very durable. It comprises of a 14.5 inch board with 1inch pieces. There is a storage tray for the pieces which makes things very convenient. You can pay Canadian checkers on this one since there are enough pieces provided to allot 30 pieces to the players.

Really a high quality checkers board game that also makes a great gift.

Trapdoor Checkers

Trapdoor checkersNow here is a game variation that adds a new twist to the traditional game. The game is recommended for kids 7 years and older and its appeal lies in the fact that a luck factor has been bought into the game.

There are trapdoors in the board that can be manoeuvred after each move and if the piece is on the trapdoor it will fall off and the entire scenario of the game chances.

Wooden Chinese Checkers Board Game

Classic wooden Chinese checkers board gameThis lovely Chinese checkers game is recommended for kids 6 years and above - there are a few small marbles which pose a potential chocking hazard.

This one is the real deal - it come with real marbles. It is a good quality construction, traditional heavy glass marbles, and a classic draw-string pouch for storage of the marbles storage. The star shaped board is hand painted in six different colors and allows six players to play at the same time.

Combination Checkers Game Set

Combination chess-checkers game board setThis is a beautiful and compact 3-in-1 Set containing: Chess, Checkers and Chinese Checkers. The board and pieces are wood. However, only the Chess pieces are magnetic. It is well crafted.

This is really a great value option.

The only possible downside would be the size of the drawer holding the game pieces... they could have been bigger.

Wood Pegged Checkers

Wood pegged Chinese checkers setHere the marbles of the traditional checkers game have been replaced with pegs that fit into the board perfectly. This game follows the traditional Chinese checkers pattern and allows for six players.

This set is sturdy, well made of solid wood. The pegs are much easier to manoeuvre than marbles and fit firmly in place. Also, the pegs don't roll when the board is accidently knocked (which happens when playing with a young ones) - nor do they lose easily.

Wood Chinese Checkers Set with Marbles

Wood checkers set with marblesAnother marvel in the checkers board games arena, is this one that can be enjoyed by 2 to 6 players. Interestingly the game was invented by a professor in Boston and does not have a Chinese origin as most people presume.

The strategy building and the mind games that the game allows, makes the play very interesting indeed.


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