A Child Educational Game Made Easy

"You do have a child educational game, don't you? It would have boosted her skills dramatically. Have you had her tested?"

As parents, we've all endured the playground boastings of... "my child has been doing that since she was eighteen months old. You mean to say yours hasn't started doing it yet?"

There's your day in the park clouded by speculation that your toddler has a problem. It looks like she's not developing at exactly the same pace as her peers.

Offended by the thoughtless comments, you gather your child and head home.

What would she know about child educational games anyway?

Fact is... your child may be progressing a bit slowly. But your pediatrician discussed this with you last week.

"It's nothing that can't be addressed through remedial play" he says.

But what the heck is remedial play?

It simply means this...

Playing with educational toys and specific child educational games may very likely boost your child's development and skills.

If you think about it... it's an easy, fun way to speed up your child's development.

And with a bit of luck even surpass her peers.

But... how do you know which toys and educational games for kids to get for the most benefits?

Simple... first you determine the areas of development where she needs help.

Obviously the best, quickest and most certain way is to get professional help.

Once you know the specific development area that needs attention, you just focus on getting toys and child educational games to develop these areas.

Trying to make educational games for kids complex is pointless - that's not what gets results.

With that in mind, here's how easy, yet exceptionally powerful a child educational game can be.

Quick, Easy & Potent
Child Educational Game

Show-Me-a-Song Kid Learning Game

Listening to, doing and learning to sing songs that include physical activity offer massive development opportunities for children.

These songs usually come on CD or cassettes. The song itself describes a range of activities kids must do.

I very much like these kid learning games, because it can be played by children aged about 3 - 10 years, they're easy to play, cheap,... and most important, they teach a very wide range of skills.

One of the golden rules I like to encourage is... play this game in groups! Not only it is much more fun, but groups also speed up social interaction and skills.

Most important of all... look at what abilities these child educational games can improve.

  Motor (movement) skills
  Improve listening to instructions
  Task execution - starting and completing tasks
  Sequencing of tasks - doing a range of tasks in the correct order
  Transform instructions into definite actions
  Completing tasks
  Improves work rate - completing tasks within a specified time
  Expression of emotions

One sure way to get your child taking part in this kid learning game is participating with her. One day you'll be glad you did!

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