Why Every Parent Should Discover The Potential Of A Child Educational Toy

A child educational toy? Why this big fuss nowadays?

Let me tell you a story. A true story.

Once upon a time there was a group of babies aged 7 to 30 months. As part of a scientific experiment the group was split into 2 smaller ones.

One group was stimulated and encouraged by child educational toys and other wonderful, exciting experiences. The other group didn't receive any.

Now, here's the important result...

The group receiving stimulation eventually increased IQ by up to an unbelievable 58 points. In contract, the group that wasn't encouraged and stimulated actually decreased IQ between 8 and 45 points!

Even more amazing... this advantage was permanent. Children indefinitely kept this advantage. Even 21 years later when their performances were again studied.

Now, granted this increase wasn't only the result of playing with educational toys. But, educational toys, together with baby stimulation activities and experiences got the results.

Was this result a fluke?


Many other studies also confirmed the critical importance of early learning experiences. These studies again stressed that early learning experiences increase intelligence!

Now, this is exactly where right child educational toys boost child abilities, skills and performance. Real educational toys are developed to encourage specific skills and actions. And these skills are needed for optimal development.

In short... educational toys can boost skills just as they've been proven to increase intelligence!

Frankly, educational toys can help you unlock your child's full potential.

But the great rub is... your child actually enjoys learning!

By now you must get some idea of the potential educational toys hold. Trouble is…

You and I both know that there cannot be an absolute guarantee that playing with educational toys alone will definitely make your child super-bright and super-talented. That's just not realistic. If it was that easy we'd all be playing!

But... let's look at what IS guaranteed…

  Chances of becoming very talented are dramatically increased

  Stimulation by educational toys isn't harmful. So... your child can only win!

  The mind-blowing results last a lifetime, and...

  Your child can't forget the improvement somewhere... or loose it. And no-one can steal it - EVER!

So... let's get straight to what matters most.

You can made a huge difference in your child's potential and skills. But, know that you need to do it before aged 12 years. While the biggest chance of improvement is before 6 years.

So, the earlier you start the better chance you'll have of a dramatic improvement.

Finally, know that you have limited time to boost your child's skills and potential. And know that a child educational toy is proven to do it. So, start by studying the educational toy articles and suggested kid toys for each age group.

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