Proven Child Educational Toys

What are child educational toys you ask?

Good question.

Although many toys are sold as so-called "educational" doesn't mean anything. Many of them are really just... toys.

Sharp criticism! And so it should be. I've decided to share with you what's working and what I believe are really worthy toys. Ones that withstood the enduring tests of time... and playing children.

In fact… here you'll find recommendations and tips that'll educate and develop.

Winning Educational Toys For 7 - 8 Year Olds

Once children reach 7 - 8 years they typically become more disciplined, set high goals, will be more spontaneous, show more initiative… and unfortunately also become more careless.

As a result… they have very specific preferences when it comes to child educational toys.

   Focus on creative activities… try to give them a challenge
   Memory games are certain winners. They give endless hours' pleasure
   Kids just love competition toys and games… playing to be the "winner"
   There are so many great construction toys on the market. You cannot go wrong with Lego and Technic. And if you get a high quality toy it'll last you for many years

7-8 Year olds all love...
   construction toys
   creative activities
   building scale models, and...
   memory games

Toys & Activities For 9 - 10 Year Olds

9 - 10 Year olds normally work hard and play hard. And they've certainly started to develop their own preferences when it comes to toys and activities.

They often like to do one activity, like cycling, until they're exhausted.

Team activities become increasingly important.

   You can confidently get complex creative activities… give them a challenge!
   One very trusted kid toy is still a complex construction toy
   Not all children like to read books. But nowadays, many other excellent magazines and reading material are available
   Although not "officially" a learning toy... videos, especially informative, stimulating ones about the environment, can be a great option

Top Tip
Get the most from your child educational toys by getting something that combines your learning goals and your child's preferences. In short... ask your child before rushing off to buy just any learning toy.

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