Make Your Own
Child Game

Create a fun, learning child game in no time!

For a neat kid game simply jot down these words... each on a separate line like this…
   Ways to Travel
   Places to Visit
   Good Manners

For each of these categories, ask your child to name the things that belong in each group. Even ask your child to write them down!

These categories are just a few of the examples you can use in this child game. Or you may want to add categories like musical instruments or toys. The options are endless.

But most important...

Use interesting categories!

Other excellent ideas are categories for "Places to be on our best behavior"? This offers a very easy means of positively reinforcing your behavior rules.

With a couple of tries, your child may eventually stick to the rules for church, shopping, and others! Hmmm... a child game with a behavior development perk!

Now here's the next step.

Settle down with your old magazines. Let your child clip pictures to represent the words that have been written down. This activity in itself is very effective to develop fine motor skills.

Place the pictures inside a re-sealable plastic bag or a shoebox until your child is ready to play.

OK... so how do we play this child game?

Take out the pictures and ask your child to create separate piles. One pile for each of the categories.

Depending upon your child's age and skill level, you may need to help with an example.

Here's what this child game is also about...

Having fun while improving associating and sorting skills and improving logical thinking.

How about another very easy child game to boost concentration and color recognition?

Color Contest Child Game

You'll need to open your word processing software again to a new document.

This time you'll be doing a little typing to create this kid concentration game. It's one that works very well for elementary readers.

Type the words in these colors:


When you've finished, simply print the document.

So let's begin this kid concentration game!

First off...

Hold the paper up in front of your child and ask him to read aloud the color that each word is written in... thus the colors he actually sees.

Please note - it's not the actual written word!

Now considers what happens.

Your child may be confused and so are most people at first glance.

Some children find it difficult to name the exact colors. I think more or less is probably good enough for now.

What happens is the two sides of our brains are trying to do two different things at the same time. The left side is telling us to read the word itself. And the right side telling us to name the color we see.

Here's what this child game also does... it helps develop your child's recognition skills.

Is your child having trouble recognizing letters? The trick is then to have him read the WORDS aloud.

The secret to playing this kid concentration game with ease is... as with everything else... just take time to practice. And concentrate!

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