The Most Common Mistake With Child Online Games

Child online games are really absorbing, challenging and stimulating. In fact, they're boosting your child's development… but are they really achieving that?

Let's examine these games closely.

Ask any group of kids about what's important to them and you'll be surprised at their answers. Also, give any kid the choice of playing computer, arcade, online games or playing with traditional games...

Hands down... child online games will come out the winner nearly every time. And this is especially true if you ask an only child who doesn't have the advantage of playing with brothers and sisters.

The problem for such children is finding someone to play with. And traditional games almost always require someone else to play with. But with computer and online games …

S/he doesn't need another player… your child can play anytime.

Now herein lies a hidden problem.

Kids most often get so wrapped up in their computer games that they hardly have time for other activities. And you may actually believe your child is getting ahead. Being computer skilled at this age is often something to boast about.

But you may in all probability be looking at a child who's developing a "splinter" skill. Child online games stimulate the ability to do well in one specific field while totally neglecting the development of other necessary skills.

It's almost like developing a great motor car engine… but you don't have the rest of the car!

I've seen a few instances where a preschooler or toddler is brilliant in front of a computer. But this very same child is then completely unable to name and recognize colors, shapes and even basic body parts. Many of these computer brilliants also lack basic coordination and motor skills.

These shortcomings most often lead to scholastic underperformance, social limitations or other emotional problems.

My point is… any child wanting to reach full potential must develop a full range of skills. And allowing your child to get absorbed only in child online games will definitely not develop all these skills.

Whether you and I like it or not, these are basic skills every child needs to develop fully. What's more, without them chances are slim that your child will really excel in a social environment.

Make no mistake… child online games are definitely stimulating, encouraging and even skill developing. But computer games cannot and must never be a replacement for traditional games, interaction and play.

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