Children Educational Toys
Develop Vital Learning Skills

Playing with carefully selected children educational toys is probably one of the best ways to learn... for babies, toddlers,

Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System
Electronic learning game

 preschoolers and older kids. In fact, specific groups of toys are known to stimulate development of specific skills which all our children need to optimally cope with day-to-day life. So, when you engage children's curiosity and desire to have fun, such learning comes naturally.

What are child educational toys you ask?

Good question.

Although many toys are sold as so-called "educational" doesn't mean anything. Many of them are really just... toys.

Sharp criticism! And so it should be. I've decided to share with you what's working and what I believe are really worthy toys. Ones that withstood the enduring tests of time... and playing children.

In fact… here you'll find recommendations and tips that'll educate and develop.

Winning Educational Toys For 7 - 8 Year Olds

Once children reach 7 - 8 years they typically become more disciplined, set high goals, will be more spontaneous, show more initiative… and unfortunately also become more careless.

As a result… they have very specific preferences when it comes to child educational toys.

Focus on creative activities… try to give them a challenge
Memory games are certain winners. They give endless hours' pleasure
Kids just love competition toys and games… playing to be the "winner"
There are so many great construction toys on the market. You cannot go wrong with Lego and Technic. And if you get a high quality toy it'll last you for many years

7-8 Year olds all love...
construction toys
creative activities
building scale models, and...
memory games

Toys & Activities For 9 - 10 Year Olds

9 - 10 Year olds normally work hard and play hard. And they've certainly started to develop their own preferences when it comes to toys and activities.

They often like to do one activity, like cycling, until they're exhausted.

Team activities become increasingly important.

You can confidently get complex creative activities… give them a challenge!
One very trusted kid toy is still a complex construction toy
Not all children like to read books. But nowadays, many other excellent magazines and reading material are available
Although not "officially" a learning toy... videos, especially informative, stimulating ones about the environment, can be a great option

Get the most from your child educational toys by getting something that combines your learning goals and your child's preferences. In short... ask your child before rushing off to buy just any learning toy.

Let's look at some of the skills you can develop and improve by choosing from the right group of toys. We've grouped these specific toys to make selection easier. Also, have a look at these learning toys for kids aged around 5-10 years old for a few more ideas.

Groups of Children Educational Toys

Motor Skills

Motor skills are some of the first skills that children learn and must have.  Gross motor skills are those that involve using a large number of muscles to make big movements, such as rolling over, crawling, running and jumping. We've all seen what happens when our child lacks one of these skills... clumsiness, falling too often, regularly tripping, uncoordinated movement... and more. If fact, life for these ones are not that much fun.

Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym
Activity mat
Play n ride train
Ride-on train
Haba walker wagon
Walker wagon

Gross motor skill development can be encouraged through play. Here you can choose from activity mats, crawling tunnels, push toys, pull gadgets and ride-on toys.

There are also many other children educational toys that are particularly good for developing fine motor skills... that's developing smaller movements, usually those of the hands and fingers.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks
Stacking blocks
Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker
Geometric stacker
Verde Verde Color Wood Foam Blocks
Foam blocks

Construction, building and wooden blocks and toys, toy castles, stacking rings, soft blocks as well as puzzles are some of the simplest and best. In fact, almost any small toy can encourage the refinement of fine motor skills.

Cognitive Development

Many children educational toys concentrate on cognitive development. This includes things like remembering, problem solving, abstract thinking and decision making. These skills are essential for success in school and all other aspects of life. We look into some of these playthings in a bit more detail here.

For developing these skills you can look at alphabet toys, board games, science toys, electronic learning gadgets, math activities, math games, toys and more challenging games… even things like toy castles.

Any activity that requires imagination has the potential to encourage problem solving and decision making skills. Board games such as Memory and Bop It can help a child develop his memory. Adults might even benefit from playing them with their children.

And why not let them learn about money... and have fun doing so? Click here.

Social Skills

Social skills are learned through play with other children. Sharing and teamwork are two examples. These skills begin to develop in the preschool years. Proper development of social skills lays the foundation for good relationships with family and peers.

100 Piece Wood Blocks Set
Wood block set
Castle building blocks
Castle blocks
Duplo basic bricks
Duplo basic bricks

The same blocks and puzzles that help children develop fine motor skills can be used by a group of children to promote the development of social skills. Children can work together to build something or solve the puzzle. They can share blocks with each other. They learn to enjoy one another's company.

Melissa & Doug Underwater 48-Piece Floor Puzzle
Floor puzzle
76" x 47" Whale Ride on
Ride on whale
Water Gear Dive Rings
Dive rings

Two more types of children educational toys I like for encouraging social interaction are playhouses and pool toys.

If you're looking for even more great kid toys, have a look at out Top 10 evergreen ones. You may also be interested in our kids educational toys articles for more ideas... or even a few suggestions by others, which you can read about here.

Bottom line

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town
Play house

I believe kids should be given every opportunity to develop all skills and talents. Surely one of the easiest and fun ways to achieve this goal is to allow playing with and using carefully selected children's educational toys. So, rather than merely choosing the next best toy, let's make an informed decision next time.

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