10 Cool Math Games for Kids

Probably the best examples of cool math games for kids are these ones we found. Fortunately there are several math number games in the market today that expose the basics of mathematics and help sharpen their skills in a fun way. The fact that all of these lessons are camouflaged under the blanket of games makes children much more open to this kind of education.

Below is a review of 10 games that can be both fun and excellent learning.

Cool Math Number Games for Kids

Cool Math Games for Kids #1

Numbers math game

Cool math games for kids - Math numbers gameLearning Resources impresses with this wonderful dice game. The three standard dice and the three custom dice are rolled and placed face up on the dice tray. The aim of the Numbers math gamegame is to make as many correct equations by using these dice faces. The game comes with a sand timer so one is pressed for time and quick mental math is demanded from the players. The Numbers math game helps to practice various mathematical equations while keeping the fun element of the activity at a high level.

Cool Math Games for Kids #2

Sequence Numbers

LEGO Star Wars Characters - Sequence numbersJax introduces this simple math based board game that does not take much to understand but offers some great mental math exercises. The game includes a deck of cards with the equation printed on it. The answer of the equation has to be found on the board where the plastic chip is place. Getting five chips in a row awards the player with a sequence. The game needs quick calculations and also the ability to sometimes work backwards from the answer to the equation as opposed to the other way round.

Cool Math Games for Kids #3

Shutter Tin

LEGO Star Wars Characters - Shutter tin math gameShutter tin is a game that's really great for developing mathematical skills. There are two dice in the game that need to be rolled in the box. The total of these dice must match the total of the tiles that are shut off. Once all the tiles are shut of the box can be closed and the game is won.

This math game is rather addictive and can keep players engrossed for hours on end.

Cool Math Games for Kids #4

Number Crunch'n

Fast and Fun Number Crunch'nThis lovely five minute game bought to us by Out of Box Publishing Inc is the ideal solution for math practice at any given time. The intent of the game is to be the first player to get out of cards. The players add 1, 2 or 3 to the top card and match it with their cards and play it. Fast and Fun Number Crunch'n

The pace of the game is very fast and the options chance rapidly. So, not only does one need sharp addition skills, but also needs to be fast in their application of the formula.

Cool Math Games for Kids #5


Zingo math gameIdeal for young minds, this Think Fun production is able to help children in not only number recognition but also with counting and simple additions. The game contains 6 double sided zingo cards and 72 double sided zingo tiles. The aim of the game is to be the first player to match the numbered tiles to the correct corresponding challenge card. Zingo math game awardsThe first player with the full card yells zingo and wins the game. Since the game is designed for kids 4 years and above, the concepts have been kept real simple so the kids are able enjoy the game rather than get bogged down by it. Indeed a great entry level game for young mathematicians.

Cool Math Games for Kids #6

Equation thinking game

Equation thinking gameThis mathematical scrabble like game by Conceptual Math Media is a great mind teaser. With 190 tiles the idea is to make correct mathematical equations by using your 9 tiles. Much like scrabble one can build on the existing formulas on the board and gain points for it.

The division and fraction tiles earn higher points thus encouraging players to go beyond the simple formulas. Designed by mathematicians, this game is really great for sharpening kid's math skills.

Cool Math Games for Kids #7

Math Mat

Math mat gameThe interactive mat by Learning Resources works effectively to help younger kids with number recognition, number names and even familiarize them with simple symbols of addition, subtraction and of course the equal sign. There are two skill levels which makes the mat last longer. This mat works by having kids listen to the equation and encourages them to do the math quickly so as to be able to stand on the right answer. Kids learn to gain speed in their mental math application apart from reinforcing their knowledge of numbers under 20.

Cool Math Games for Kids #8

Math electronic flash card

Electronic flash cardLearning Resources impresses again with this fantastic device. The toy helps to develop on early algebra skills and number fact fluency too. The game comes in 3 difficulty ranges of 60 second timed mode, low pressure mode and untimed mode.

The game allows kids practice sessions and also offers double player game options.

Cool Math Games for Kids #9

Number balance

Number balanceMarketed by Educational Insights, this toy is very effective in demonstrating visually the number relationships and also operations. There is a T shaped scale with 20 weights and the aim of the game is to keep the scale balanced.

Number equivalents and how various equations can achieve them, forms the foundation of this game.

Cool Math Games for Kids #10


SET is a card game of quick recognition and deductionThis is a card game of deduction and quick analysis. Produced by SET enterprises, this game is all about being able to make logical sets. 12 cards are arranged with their face up and with three different colors, symbols and shapes. This winner is the one who can form the 3 card logical set the quickest. Speed is a matter of great essence in this game and the intent of this sped is to sharpen the mind.

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