Make Your Own Cool Kid Math Game!

Ever thought that a cool kid math game will spark your child's interest in learning? While some parents cringe at the mere thought of homework time... especially if their kids don't like math, other parents actually look forward to it.

Parents can use a math game to make homework time something that's fun for their children. Even a child who dislikes math more than cleaning his room can learn to look forward to homework time.

Are you a parent who's at your wit's end begging, pleading, and nearly having to lasso little Jimmy into working on his math? Simply by the use of some easy, creative ideas, you can invent a fun math game that your child will enjoy.

Don't fret about not being a game guru of sorts. By giving an alternative method of learning, any parent can make math as easy as can be... which is exactly what a math game for kids does.

Just use what you have around the house for props to make your own math game. There's no reason to spend money on special things when you already have the right things on hand.

Wait... let's back up a bit.

What was that idea for your child math game? That's it... money... pennies... nickels... dimes... quarters... half-dollars, and one-dollar coins. For grades 1-3, coins should be all that you need for now. Save your dollars for when they become teenagers.

Dig out that jar of change you've been stashing. This cool kid math game is what you probably called playing "store". Years ago, the cashier actually read the sticker price of each item. And then entered it into the cash register manually. If you lived in a small town, there may not even have been a cash register... just a ticket pad and a clerk whose job it was to tally the total.

Learning math by playing this cool kid math game teaches both addition and subtraction. As your child reads and tally's the prices you've placed on the items, he learns to add. He'll learn all about subtraction when he counts the change.

There's no computer-generated receipt with this game. Just let him tie on an apron... place a pencil behind his ear... and turn over the "open" sign. His math homework session is definitely open and you just happen to be in his checkout line.

See how this cool kid math game and other kid games stimulate your child's development