Crawling Tunnels Are Fun to Help Baby Crawl

Using any of the well-known crawling tunnels is another great and fun way to get your baby crawling. We've already looked at making and using a roller as well as other interesting learning toys to stimulate, and encourage development of the different crawling skills your baby needs to master this big milestone.

This 6' multi-color tunnel is a great alternative optionBut there is another very good way to encourage your baby to crawl... and that's using a tunnel.

Three things we like best about these crawling tunnels are:

  1. they are wonderful toys for stimulating your child's physical development, even if your child is still only a few months old

  2. they are excellent overall stimulation toys since they come with all kinds of stimulation features, and

  3. since your child will be playing with it over such a long period, it's really good value for money

This Find Me tunnel is a wonderful plaything for young onesMany crawling tunnels come with a play tent. We found that many toddlers simply love to make this toy part of his everyday pretend play.

But despite these crawling tunnels also being great for toddlers, it still is a wonderful way to help Baby crawl, The play tent can be used as crawling tunnel and will double up as play city for toddlers and preschoolersespecially if you throw some toys and playthings in there.

Let's have a look at a few of these crawling tunnels, especially those that help Baby crawl.

Crawling tunnels

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Alex Jr Learn to Crawl Tunnel Toy

The Learn to Crawl Tunnel Toy seems to be a great tool for helping baby crawlWhile baby crawling comes quite naturally to most infants, it is also true that many of them may not seem too eager to master this activity. That's where the Alex Jr Learn to Crawl Tunnel Toy seems to be a great tool to help baby crawl.

The toy is in the shape of a tunnel that allows the child to pass through only in the crawling posture. There is a mat below which protects the baby from skin burns and cold too.

The Alex learn to crawl toy can be neatly folded and stored - very handy for taking wherever you may goThe basic aim of the tunnel toy is to encourage baby crawling, but to make it seem like a game rather than a chore.

The top of the tunnel is netted in order to allow you to easily watch your baby and also prevent her from possibly feeling scared or lonely. The side panels of the tunnel come with pictures of various animals... right from lions to butterflies. The insides of the tunnel do not offer any distraction to the baby and simply assists her in keeping focus on the other end of the tunnel.

The mat is also a plain green color with small blue polka dots. It therefore does not distract your baby from her mission... crawling to the other side of the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel there is a reward - a large baby proof mirror where she sees her own reflection and celebrates her victory with this ‘other friend’. If you like, you can also put a toy at the end of the tunnel to motivate her to crawl through. Of course, you can call and encourage her from the other side.

The power of the Alex Jr Learn to Crawl Tunnel Toy lies in its simplicity.

Note the mirror reflection of the baby on the mat... another great stimulation aid for younger ones still struggling to crawlThis toy is so effective in encouraging crawling, simply because it does not allow any other visual or auditory distraction. Once the kid goes in from one end, there is not much to do apart from crawling to the other side.

This baby crawling toy packs up into a small bag that can easily be stored or carried around. Another advantage I like is that even older kids can have fun with it by crawling though. Although now specifically designed for that, this tunnel also helps children get over possible fear of closed spaces.

This 1.3 pound tunnel is indeed a great tool to encourage any reluctant crawler to get on the mat and go through the crawling tunnel.

Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel

Once babies begin to crawl, they go all over the place. Blink and you The height of the tunnel is perfectly designed forcing your baby to go into a crawl position to explore further. The length of the tunnel ensures that your baby remains in a crawling mode for a few paces, before being able to sit up again.will find your toddler five feet away from her last position.
Indeed baby crawling is the first step your child takes towards freedom.

This is one of the reasons why pediatricians will also use baby crawling as a bench mark to judge any child’s physical abilities and growth. While forcing babies to master this activity would be rather negative, exposing them to toys and fun situations which may help Baby crawl is a good idea.

The Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel is a great toy for babies who are barely learning to crawl. 

The Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel creates a safe yet highly stimulating environment for your baby to develop her crawling skills. Right from the mat to the tunnel, every aspect of the toy has been designed to perfection. The array of colors and animal pictures keep your baby’s interest focused. The exploration crawling tunnel also serves as a great general stimulation aid... almost like a mini-activity centre

The tunnel area has strips of fabric and net that allows your baby to easily look out without getting claustrophobic. What's great is that you can also watch your child from the outside.

The mat is full of pictures of various animals and cartoons to encourage baby crawling. There are several loops provided on the inside of the tunnel top allowing you to place your child’s favorite toys and add to the charm of crawling inside the tunnel. 

The basic idea of the Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel is to first create an intriguing atmosphere for the baby. The colorful pictures of animals and the toys placed in the tunnel are highly stimulating.

The height of the tunnel is perfectly designed forcing your baby to go into a crawl position to explore further. The length of the tunnel ensures that your baby remains in a crawling mode for a few paces, before being able to sit up again. The Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel creates a safe yet highly stimulating environment for your baby to develop crawling and other perceptual skills

The mat and the pictures on the inside panels of the tunnel, along with the rewards at the end of the tunnel, all combine to make crawling a fun activity for your child. You'll also find toys for stimulating hearing senses, like the red chirping bird and the sun rattle.

Then there are toys like the water teether for encouraging your child’s sense of taste too. The colors and images excite visual senses and keep your baby fully occupied.

This four feet long Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel can be washed in the machine and dries rather quickly too. Most babies like this educational toy and will be happy to sleep in it.

But if your baby is scared of the long tunnel, you can simply open it part by part rather than all at one go (do not leave your baby unattended in the tunnel).

All these props work together to make this tunnel a great fun time activity for your child, who does not even realize that she is also learning to crawl. 

The crawl-climb caterpillar is a wonderful alternative 'crawling tunnel' will lots of play possibilitiesA wonderful alternative 'crawling tunnel' is the Caterpillar Climbing Structure. What I particularly like about this toy is it's versatility. Not only can this be used in exactly the same way as described above to encourage crawling, but once your baby gets older it's great to do the job as climbing toy. This alternative crawling tunnel easily fits into limited indoor spaces and play possibilities are endless.

The baby crawling maze is an innovative alternative tunnel with lots of play possibilities

Creative Alternatives

The beginner Jumbo block set have enough pieces to build a small crawling tunnel, but maybe a bit too few if your toddler would like to build something more elaborate in a few yearsStandard Jumbo building blocks can be used to build your own crawling tunnel. It's also something toddlers like to play with for many years to comeOne of the things we found to work well is to build your own crawling tunnel using jumbo building blocks.

Not only does this also get the trick done, but the biggest advantage is that children seem to play with these blocks for many years to come.

This is a huge interlocking blocks set and can be literally used by yourself to build a crawling tunnel, and younger kids to build a small house or den for endless funInitially we only got a small block set, but later bought another for when the toddlers wanted to build 'houses' and 'dens'.

Any similar type blocks will also do the trick.

Before you leave, if you're particularly interested in encouraging crawling in very young ones, go here.

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