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This disclosure statement explains my advertising relationship and how I receive compensation. is an informational website I provide as a service to my readers. I write the content for Educational-Toy-Guide without compensation. And I do not write articles or reviews for the purpose of receiving payment. I also do not receive compensation for the contents of this website or advice that I may offer on this website.

Our reviews are written purely from a "what are the pro’s can cons about a product" point of view.

Often paid links or 'affiliate links' are researched and inserted once an article is written. These links are placed within or along side the editorial content and is primarily added to improve reader value. If a visitor clicks on such a link and purchases a product then this site may receive a commission payment. We closely monitor our affiliate links and do strive to ensure that any links displayed provide the best value available to you.

The site also displays advertisements from Google. has no control over the content of these adverts as Google itself 'figures out' what the article is about and tries to place relevant adverts from its advertisers within the Google advert blocks. When a visitor to the site clicks on one of these adverts, then again our site may receive a commission payment from Google.

We do not maintain or encourage any relationships with particular suppliers of products as we feel this could compromise the objectivity of the website, which is to provide you with practical and useful information.

However your support is greatly appreciated, should you purchase a product through one of the links on site. If you have questions about my advertising policies, please contact me.

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