DIY Toy Storage Ideas for Taming Toys

Probably your 3 best DIY toy storage options for any child are: repurpose existing equipment, transform and use idle spaces, and, recycle & reuse everyday things around the house. 

Have you also found that the stuff your child absolutely need seems to increase exponentially as s/he grows older? I'm sure you have.

That's why we'd like to delve a little bit deeper into a few DIY toy storage ideas and simple products that normally bring order and sanity to your child's room.

DIY Toy Storage: Repurposing


Look around your house for old organizers, shelves, racks, chests, bins, wheelbarrows and even hammocks that can be reused for storing kid toys. By sheer desperation we're strung up an old hammock in one corner of our child's room to hold all the stuffed animals, toys and balls. You'd be surprised how much you can store this way. Another option is to get this toy hammock. It's light, flexible and easy to set up.

Here are a few more recommendations:


An old wheelbarrow, broken sled, an outgrown child's wagon or even an extra garbage can you have lying around the home can be just as useful as a DIY toy storage container. Give these items a fresh coat of bright paint or give your child carte blanche to decorate as creatively as he wants - with crayons, pictures, stickers, labels and so on.


Hanging wall organizerHanging wall organizer

Your child's old nursery organizer is another very useful item for storing toys, books and smaller items. Where you once had diapers, wipes, vitamin bottles and kids clothing stacked, you now have space for your child to organize games, stuffed toys, dress up outfits and more. 

Reuse an old one or consider buying one of these: the 4 pocket wall organizer which hooks over any door or rod, this closet organizer with Velcro loops that fit neatly in a wardrobe or this nursery and diaper hanging organizer.  

Another kind of organizer is this hanging jewelry organizer which can be reused for kids' stationery items, hair accessories, action figures, craft items, lego pieces and more.

Empty containers

What worked well for us was to save our toys by organizing and separating them using empty nutritional supplement containers (3kg/6lb). 

You may also be interested in products such as these organizer storage bags with easy drawstring closures, this set of foldable cube storage baskets with convenient front handles, or jute storage baskets.

Peg or Clip Boards

An old peg board or clip board mounted on walls serves well as another kind of DIY toy storage. All sorts of items can go on the pegs or into the clips: baseball mitts, rackets, bats, toys, kids' artwork, their school schedules, checklists and more.

Old Furniture

Similarly you can repurpose any old furniture not currently in use and sitting in a corner of your attic or basement: a chest of drawers, a shelved cabinet, wire rack and more. Clean, brighten and let your child add their own little touches and suddenly you have lots of new space for toy storage.

More DIY Toy Storage Ideas - Recycle and Reuse

If you're someone who likes green choices that utilize waste items to create new objects or someone who likes creating things with your hands, you will love these ideas:


A bare wall in your child's room can be optimally used simply by putting up a few shelves or wall brackets. Of course, you can make your own shelves using planks or order ready-made wall mounting shelves. I'm just lazy... so like to use the easy DIY versions on the market. A few of the options I like are the folllowing: such as these: 

Floating shelves are attractive and easy to set up using the included hardware. I like to heavy duty 8 ft garage shelf (available in smaller and larger sizes as well) as an DIY toy storage option. This is not just for a garage but also your child's room, basement or yard. What's more... almost any big stuff can go on here.

Crates & Cases

You can be endlessly creative with old crates and discarded cases and even sturdy old shoeboxes. Consider reinforcing a cardboard box and then paint or paper it over to make it more attractive.  

Take wooden crates, attach casters or wheels below and perhaps a handle or two and add some labels for easy identification and a touch of whimsy and there you have it: the perfect under-bed DIY toy storage that slides under beds, into a closet, under the stairs, in one corner of the basement or even in one corner of the kitchen.

Here are a few more storage options you may also like:

Even More DIY Toy Storage Ideas

If you're nifty with the needle, you can fashion cheery and colorful little pocket organizers from old clothes. These drape neatly over the side of the bed or the dresser. 

Into these go the hand-held video games, the books and the Kindle that your child probably uses just before going to bed.  

Also create a hanging storage for your child's stuffed animals using a few slats and some string. This little animal swing then goes neatly over the back of the door or can be hung up on a wall as DIY toy storage as well as décor. Even curtain rods can be set up with clips to work for hanging toys and stuffed animals. 

You may be surprised at the ideas that come to you once you start recycling and reusing items that you already have. It is really a matter of looking at stuff lying around the house and the available space and then using it creatively with some kind of DIY toy storage.

Transforming & Making Use of Unused Spaces 

There isn't a rule that your kids' toys and other paraphernalia must find place in your child's room. There could other places in the home that could do perfectly well for storing toys, kids' DVDs, video games, books and so on.

There could be unused space beneath the stairs, an empty closet in the guest bedroom, space in the basement, garage, kitchen or even outdoor areas such as the patio or garden shed. It may be a good idea to match toy storage to areas where the toys are used most. 

Bare walls, corners, the space under the bed or under a window seat, the sides of a bed or dresser, the back of a door and even the doors of wardrobes can be useful places for creating storage. It's just really a question of re-visualizing your home to look for places that can be optimized for storage.

For more toy storage ideas, also have a look at this article.

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