Select Educational Kid Games That Really Make Learning Fun

For most of us playing educational kid games probably bring back some of your the happiest childhood memories. The thing that stands out is the fun we had, but little did we know we were at the same time also developing and improving various valuable skills. Nowadays psychologists, educators and therapists all know about their benefits and encourage kids to play various fun games.

So, educational kid games now form a part of most school curricula all over the world... even in kindergarten and preschools they're actively used.

The big unknown for most of us is still to choose the right educational games and toys for our kids to develop specific skills. Hopefully we can help here.

The Digitz educational kid game is a fun way to learn math, numbers and sequencing Cashflow for Kids is surely one of the very best ways to teach kids how the rich make and keep their money Magformers is a fun way to use triangles and squares to make new 3D forms - a great conceptual learning tool
Digitz Cashflow for Kids Magformers

We look at how such educational kid games help children of different ages learn, grow and develop new skills and also some game suggestions that can help kids progress both individually and academically.

Benefits of educational games

Informal play settings create a different mindset among children than do formal classroom settings. We've noticed that children are usually more alert, active and interested during playtime than when they would be in typical school setting. And since kids are naturally inclined to play games. So, why not take advantage of this and let them play games with some educational benefit... also during their daily activities or school work?

Today we know educational games are important aids for teaching kids simple and more advanced concepts. In particular they are vital for the instruction of children who do not respond to conventional teaching methods. Research scholars found that games not only entertain, but also instruct. This finding led to the rise of so called "edu-tainment" media.

A few very popular & evergreen educational kid games are...

Story Cubes - a fun way of developing imagination Brain Quest Smart game Sum Swamp addition and subtraction math game
Story Cubes Brain Quest Sum Swamp

Let's consider some benefits of educational kid games:

  • Kids can improve eye-hand coordination and gross as well as fine motor skills. This is the one development area we particularly like to stimulate in toddlers and preschoolers

  • They learn concepts such as goal setting and can improve their own self esteem

  • Games can help positively channel a child's physical and mental energies

  • Group games help kids become more socially adept. Not only do kids improve their interpersonal skills they learn valuable lessons about team spirit and healthy competition. A child can learn that it is healthy competition rather than winning that is important in the end

  • Specific educational kid games can help expand your child's knowledge of history or geography, improve language and vocabulary skills, clarify scientific concepts and even facilitate the understanding of complex math equations

  • Game play can also help a child improve concentration skills and teach the importance of task completion

Of course you also get games kids can play with nothing but mere imagination. And some other I also like are carefully selected bought one.

So let's look at a few of these educational kid games... particularly ones we believe to be aimed at younger children!

Educational Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Tic Tac Toe

Magnetic Tic Tac Toe is also a great learning tool... even when travellingYou can of course play Tic Tac Toe with nothing but a piece of paper and a couple of pencils. Or you could get a Tic Tac Toe game such as this - a magnetic, travel sized game that is easily portable for car rides, long distance travel and holidays. This game can help keep kids entertained and engaged in boring situations such as when stuck in traffic or while visiting a doctor office. This can also be one of the educational games that help a child learn how to follow rules and take turns. It can help your child develop strategic thinking and improve their concentration, to focus and helping them pay attention to the task at hand.

Here are a few more Tic-Tac-Toe games to consider:

Tic tac toe anywhere Wooden tic tac toe board game 3D tic tac toe
Inflatable tic tac toe Tic tac toe wooden pegs Toss across

Bean Bag Toss

Beanbag tossWe've all played Bean Bag Toss as kids, though we may know it as the Corn Hole game or Cornhole and other names. This is a simple game that children take turns at playing. A ball or bag is tossed to a board or platform with holes in it. It Bean bag tossis kept at a certain distance to make the game challenging. Points are earned for putting the bag/ball in the hole or for touching the platform. Such a game also works as an educational game.

Animal bean-bag-tossA Jungle Animal Character Bean Bag Toss Game such as this will engage and entertain kids. It also teaches children how to play alongside other kids and how to play by waiting their own turn. It teaches kids simple math concepts such as counting and numbers (one point for hitting the board and three points every time the ball falls though a hole). It also helps improve motor skills and eye-hand coordination making kids improve their aiming skills.

Similar educational kid games to consider:

Bean bag toys Ring toss Sports 2-in-1 3 Hole Bags


Hopscotch rug for kidsThis traditional game has been around literally for ages but it still is one of the educational kids games that help a child acquire useful skills. While you could simply draw out a hopscotch grid on a sidewalk, a yard or even in a room in the house, you could get one of these Active Play Hopscotch Rugs - this way there is no need for marking the floor and creating a mess. Kids can play indoors and outdoors. Of course the obvious benefit is improving gross motor coordination and physical balance. This game encourages interactive play and paying in a coordinated way.

A few other hopscotch games to consider:

A rug for playing hopscotch indoors and outdoors Hopscotch play carpets Twister hopscotch is a totally new way to play this fun game

There isn't really an age limit for the games mentioned above. However, older kids usually demand a few more challenges. Parents and teachers are are normally hoping to teach older kids different skills than mostly interactive play, gross motor coordination and so on.

School aged children can benefit by playing educational games that develop language, spelling and math skills. We've listed a few popular ones below.

More Advanced Educational Kid Games


The Tile Lock Scrabble is ideal for playing in the car, plane or train where the letters cannot slip or slideScrabble would have to be among the most popular word games in the world. It is challenging for kids and adults alike. It is one of the educational games that helps teach kids spellings, strategic thinking and fosters a healthy competitive spirit, spurring a child to improve their scores by creating newer, better words. Scrabble can be played on the computer, the help of an app on your hand held device or by using a regular board game format such as this Scrabble Game or this Travel Scrabble Game. Using a board game also improves a child's math skills since score is required to be kept manually here.

A few more Scrabble games to consider are...

Magnetic Refigerator Scrabble Letters for writing full words in a different environment Scrabble Flash Cubes - a different concept where you swap, shuffle and slide to make different words Scrabble Junior for the younger learner. Also use the back of the game board to create your own words
Refrigerator Letters Scrabble Flash Cubes Scrabble Junior

Boggle Big Boggle is an addictive game with 5x5 grid for making longer words

Boggle is a similar educational game that consists of letter cubes and a cube grid. It is usually a timed game where children have to figure out different word permutations and possibilities - so this is another game that is good for improving spelling and vocabulary skills.

Here are a few other popular Boggle versions...

Boggle for Juniors is mainly for preschoolers for encouraging spelling and letter & word recognition Scrabble Boggle is a great educational game where players search and make up words against the timer Boggle Classic is an evergreen word search game
Boggle for Juniors Scrabble Boggle Boggle Classic


It is a well established fact, supported by countless studies, that doing puzzles encourages & develops several skills. Puzzles stimulate the brain and make it sharper - for kids this helps improve learning skills and among elders this helps to prevent mental decline. As children play more with others, this helps them develop better interpersonal friendships.

Shape by Shape is a popular game for developing shape recognition, spatial concepts and abstract thinking This Kanoodle game case contains 2 brain-challenging games for younger children... typically primary school kids The popular Colorku solves challenging games similar to Sudoku... only using colors
Shape by Shape Kanoodle Colorku

Simple Family Games

Even playing simple family games such as The Game of Knowledge , I Spy and 20 Questions can help improve kids' general knowledge and observation skills.

I Spy is one of those educational games that help a child improve observation skills: a contestant gives hints about an object/person/ place he or she has seen and the others have to guess what that is. 20 Questions is a game where one contestant thinks of a well known person and the others ask up to 20 questions to try and figure out who the contestant is thinking of. This helps improve awareness of current affairs, historical figures and other public figures.

I Spy Memory Game with memory and riddle cards 20 Questions gameboard The Game of Knowledge - brain boggling questions for children 10 years and older
I Spy Memory Game 20 Questions Boardgame Game of Knowledge

You may also be interested in these fun math games.

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