Selecting The Best Educational Learning Toys For Every Age

Educational learning toys are known to give some development benefit to kids. However, the trick lies in choosing the right toys with the most potential. However, a lot needs to be considered when making this choice. Of course, safety is one concern, while appropriate stimulation is another. However, there is a third aspect too.

That is the specific skill the toy targets and stimulates.

A musical toy will not give much benefit if you're trying to promote alphabet recognition. Similarly, the alphabet train will yield nothing when the idea is to teach numbers. As is obvious, the targeted skill a specific toy promotes must be taken into consideration when choosing the best toy for your child.

Blokus Classics Game
Blokus Classic Game
Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game

Addition-Subtraction Game

Snap Circuits SC-300

Snap Circuits

We've looked around our toys and have grouped them according to the skills they help develop. These are by no means the only groups of educational learning toys, but are a good starting point for selecting the right ones.

Educational Learning Toys for...


When looking to develop the child's reading skills, it is important to first discover the level of expertise that your child has already achieved. According to this level a stimulating toy can be opted for:

  • Beginner - If the kid is in the 2 year to 4 year bracket, then it is best to begin with letter recognition toys. Right from the alphabet abacus to the Leap Frog Spin and Discovery Ball to the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set, anything works in this skill enhancement.

LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo
Spin Alphabet Zoo
LeapFrog Discovery Ball

Discovery Ball

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set

Alphabet Stamp Set

  • Intermediate - Once the child has learnt letter recognition, it would be best to move on to the toys that allow for reading of three letter words. Here the LeapFrog does a good job while games like scrabble also are known to be quite effective.

LeapFrog LeapPad Learning System
Learning System
LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

LeapFrog Explorer

LeapFrog Read & Write LeapPad

Read & Write Pad

  • Reader - Children who have grasped the concept of reading fairly well also need to be stimulated constantly with reading props. While books are always a great way to take the reading plan forward, toys like the Kindle and also the V reader do come in handy.

Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers
Kindle Keyboard
Vtech - V.Reader Animated E-Book System


Double Bananagrams Game Set - 288 tiles

Bananagram Game

For more of our specific reading toys and games for kids, click here.

Educational Learning Toys for...


A strong base in math is almost a compulsion these days for anyone looking to seek academic excellence. It is important that our kids are friendly with numbers and understand how they work. Here again the skill level of your child will need to be taken into consideration... and a few cool games will surely make it lots of fun.

  • Beginner - Number recognition is the first criteria and for this wooden number blocks, charts and even programs like Numberjacks work beautifully. Keep in mind that learning to count and number recognition is not the same thing. For the former you will need to adopt the abacus and other similar toys.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Numbers
Magnetic Numbers
Learning Resources Step-by-Step Number Line

Numbers Line

Preschool Numbers Memory Game

Numbers Memory Game

  • Intermediate - This is the time when basics of mathematics such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication need to be introduced to the child. Toys like Educational Insights Hot Dots Math Flash Cards, Double Shutter Tin, etc are known to produce some great results.

Educational Insights Hot Dots Math Flash Cards -Subtraction
Hot Dot Flash Cards
Double Shutter Tin

Double Shutter Tin

Head Full of Numbers Math Game

Math Numbers Game

  • Mathematician - Once your child has moved on to the more complex formulas of math, it is time to bring in the big guns. Video games related to math, construction toys that need formulas to be calculated in order to build them, etc are only some of the games that can be introduced at this stage. Have a look at a few cool math games; multiplication games and logic games.

Sequence for Kids
Qwirkle Board Game
Qwirkle Game


Also have a look at our suggested math number games and fun math games

Educational Learning Toys for...

Physical Co-ordination

Once more the ability of the child will come into play here. We are looking to not only targeting hand eye co-ordination, but also understanding how to combine our physical movements with our mental abilities.

  • Infant - This is a time when the child is barely discovering her limbs and digits. She is moving them in all directions and learning to pick up the various movements. Toys like play gyms, activity mats, rattles and other similar props are very useful in challenging the child to gain more and more control over her hand eye co-ordination and then ultimately use it to her benefit.

Haba Walker Wagon
Push Wagon
Fisher-Price Songs and Smiles Discovery Gym
Discovery Gym
Plan Toys Dancing Alligator Pull Toy

Pull Toy

  • Toddler - Once the kid is walking around you would like to bring in toys that help develop the fine motor skills. Construction toys, puzzles, racquet games, soccer, tri-cycle and other similar games are good to introduce at this level.

Walker wagon
Walker wagon
Kid's wheelbarrow
Kid's wheelbarrow
Kid's tricycle
  • Pre-school onwards - Now, we are moving on to a much larger arena. Teaching body balance by adopting the bicycle and skating is ideal for this stage.  Table tennis, computers, video games, soccer, cricket, the list is endless. As one goes on achieving a certain milestone, one can move ahead to another avenue right up till your child is grown up enough to take the wheel of the car.

Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline
Jumpstart Trampoline
Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center
Dome Climber
Step2 All Star Sports Climber

Sports Climber

Educational Learning Toys for...


The ability to concentrate is not the same in everyone. This is why a child has a much smaller attention span as opposed to a grown up who has mastered the art well.

Perplexus Maze Game by PlaSmart, Inc.
Maze Game
Mastermind game
Over-n-Out! A Game of Memory and Concentration

Memory & Concentration

When looking at concentration games one will need to judge by the ability of your child as well as the age. So, for the younger kids it will serve well to bring in toys that they can look at for a few minutes. Colorful books, maze cubes, etc are good for this stage.

Eeboo Life on Earth Matching Game
Earth Matching Game
Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Game
Travel Memory Game
I Spy Memory Game

I Spy Memory Game

Once your child has moved ahead you can then go on to introduce construction games that demand a high level of concentration, maze games and even mind teasers.

Educational Learning Toys for...

Memory improvement

Here the skill level is all a grey area and this is why one can look at mixed bag when targeting this skill. The Original Memory game, card games like UNO and also puzzles, are found to be rather effective in building memory. Strangely enough, kids seem to have a stronger hold on their memory as opposed to adults and often fare better than them at these memory games.

Eeboo Life on Earth Matching Game
Earth Matching Game
Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Game
Travel Memory Game
I Spy Memory Game

I Spy Memory Game

Do keep in mind that any of these toys will only work if your child enjoys the activity. If the game ends up becoming a chore, not one of the educational learning toys will really have any positive effect or teach your child.

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