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Educational Toy Tip #1: Finding The Best Colors

You know, there really is nothing quite like bright, bold colors to attract old and young to toys.

In order to make the best toy selection for your baby, bright colors must be one of the prime considerations. You want the toys most effective for stimulating and developing your child's skills.

What many parents end up with is to buy baby toys matching the color scheme of their nursery or other apparent important thing.

Keep in mind that the toys are there mainly to stimulate, teach and encourage your baby. It's not something supposed to fit in with your preferences.

Very small babies react well to black and white playthings and colors. But after a few weeks bright bold colors like red, yellow, blue and green seem to attract more attention.

If possible, do NOT stick to the softer pastel colors like pink, light blue and soft yellow.

Another thing many parents are ignorant of is the importance of the actual colored surface area size.

A large, boldly colored area is much more effective to stimulate and encourage visual color distinction that a small area of the same color.

Obviously, this becomes less important the older your child gets. If there is any possibility of getting large, boldly colored areas and shapes, they may be good to include in your child's range of learning toys.

Educational Toy Tip #2: Consider Different Textures

One of the important things all babies need to develop is the sense, feel and distinguishing of different textures.

Although there are many ways to develop and encourage this development, toys and crafts are great and playful ways to do so. But many parents are totally unaware that their child needs to learn these skills.

Fortunately for us, many of the well-known toy brands today make playthings with a very wide range of texture.

Different textures not only mean various material of construction, but it also includes the use of a range of surface finishes like knobs and lumps and smooth and uneven surfaces.

If parents take time to get their baby a range of different types of toys, chances are almost certain that a very wide range of stimulating textures will be included.

That's one of the main reasons why parents are often encouraged to get a very wide range of playthings, rather than only focus on getting more than one or two types their child obviously enjoys playing with.

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