Best Educational Toys for Preschoolers

LeapFrog Text and LearnEducational toys for preschoolers are important parts of an environment that constantly teaches our children, especially if we are looking to raise an aware and positive next generation. Of course, this does not mean that we pressure these tiny tots into mugging up serious chemistry formulas.

There are much more pleasant and effective ways of introducing concepts of mathematics, science and even arts into their lives. And one of them is through play... by having fun!

Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/Numbers

Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle
Dress-up puzzle

Since the toddler years of the child's life are usually concentrated towards developing the physical aspects of growth. This period is especially right to bringing in toys that help in the development of gross and fine motor skills.

But once this skills has been adequately mastered, your child reaches the post-toddler period... here is when it is in particular apt to bring in the right educational toys for preschoolers.  

Let's look into some evergreen, yet very effective...

Recommended Educational Toys for Preschoolers...


Count The Rainbow AbacusNothing works better in helping your child understand the basic of mathematics as an abacus toy. These counting frames come in a variety of types and you can choose depending on the skills of your child and the safety aspect of the play.

Even variations of the abacus are ideal for teaching preschoolers to count, understand units and tens and also comprehend addition and subtraction. The trick is interactive play with the child and proceeding according to the preschooler's personal aptitude for the game.

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Abacus
Wooden abacus
Educo Alphabet Abacus
Alphabet abacus
Combined Arithmetic and Abacus Frame
Arithmetic & alphabet frame


Melissa & Doug See & SpellWhen it comes to stimulating the mind, there is nothing asThinkFun Shape by Shape

 effective as a puzzle. Exposed to age appropriate puzzles almost every child can further develop the mind. For children of about three years of age, a four piece puzzle works well. As your

 child begins to understand the concept of these games, one can keep increasing the difficulty level of the puzzles.

The important point here is to pick the puzzles that will appeal to the curiosity of the child. So, if the kid leans in towards dinky cars, then a car puzzle will work better than scenery. Also make sure that the puzzle excites your child and does not frustrate her at any stage. A puzzle beyond her abilities will not yield the desired stimulation.

Melissa & Doug Underwater 48-Piece Floor Puzzle
Floor puzzle
Lonpos Colorful Cabin Brain Teaser Puzzle
Brain teaser puzzle
ThinkFun Square By Square

Construction toys

Sandbox big builder
Sandbox builder
Magnetic construction kit
Magnetic construction

Universally construction toys are known to help develop the abilities of your child. While this is true, it is also a fact that these toys give the child the freedom to explore their imagination. Teaching your child to give form to her imagination is a gift that will help her right through life.

Right from basic blocks to the magnetic rods almost anything works in this area. Some of these blocks come with numbers and alphabets printed on them and help kill two birds with one stone. Lego toys are an absolute hit in the construction toys section, though one must be careful since these sets do have several small parts that could pose as a choking hazard.

100 Piece Wood Blocks Set
Wood block set
Castle building blocks
Castle blocks
Duplo basic bricks
Duplo basic bricks

Board Games

Hi Ho Cherry-O
Hi Ho Cherry-O
Brown Bear-Panda Bear, What Do You See? Game
What do you see?

Right from the simple Ludo to Snakes and Ladders to even more complicated board games like Junior Monopoly... preschoolers learn from it all. These games help increase concentration and mental capacities of your child. They also help lay the grounds for mental math along with teaching the child to develop strategies.


ABC letter game
ABC letter game
Listening game
Listening game
I spy eagle eye
I spy eagle eye

Scribble/Doodle pads

Scribble and write pad
Scribble and write

There are several types of scribble pads available today that help kids to not only learn to hold the pen, but also help them write and even read. These pads are easy to maintain and allow the child the freedom to play unassisted. Most of the good scribble pads come with voice prompts which, help the child to read, write and say the letter correctly. Sure beats forcing the kid to look into a book of alphabets.

The range of educational toys for preschoolers is really endless.

Write and learn letter pad
Write & Learn letter pad
Crayola beginnings
Crayola beginnings
phonics writing desk
Phonics writing desk

Puppets, activity boxes, mechanical toys and more... the list is extensive.

Preschoolers have open minds and absorb and lap up anything interesting you may have to offer. If you are able to bring interesting and exiting educational toys into their lives now, they are most likely to perform well further on in life too. For more suggestions... click here

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