Score With This Educational Game For Kid

Educational game for kid... Yuc!!

You know what they say "If it walks like a duck, waddles like a duck…"

The same's true of my child… when he'd get something remotely like an educational kid game, he shoves it underneath his bed with his dirty socks.

"I don't want to read any better" he'd mumble, making sure to hide the game as far out of sight as possible.

"Smart ain't cool, Mom."

Restraining my urge to resound my "I'll tell you what isn't cool" parent speech about the expense of that learning game, I decided not to risk a stroke.

Instead of letting him off the hook, I'd come up with my very own educational kid game that would make a library-card-carrying child out of this non-reader of mine.

I'll win this parent-child battle in ultimate parent style.

I can already see the newspaper headlines...

Confirmed Non-Reader Spotted At Library -
Victim Of Parent-Created
Educational Game For Kid

"I don't need more allowance, extra television, or a pony."

My first efforts were pathetic and I quickly exhausted my bribes for him to surrender.

"My favorite thing is baseball. And please don't make me miss practice. I don't like reading... I don't want to read. Read…Read…Read…that's all you say."

He went to practice baseball and I went to browse the library.

Step One

I got books about baseball's history, Babe Ruth, and collecting baseball cards. And stopped on my way back for a sports magazine.

Incidentally, this trip was for me, not for my son.

This was my first crucial step in crafting an educational kid game he would reach for himself.

In other words, I had to be willing to take a dose of my own medicine for success.

So I began reading, reading, reading. If I was to ever level the playing field, I had to meet this non-reader on his own field.

He had to know that I was his most enthusiastic cheerleader, so I went to every game…book in hand; sitting in the bleachers with the world's most devoted baseball fans…parents of other players.

Step Two...

in crafting my educational game for kids was to learn as much as I could about the various plays and signals.

I teamed up with moms who were experts in baseball, a foreign language to me.

The closest I had ever come to baseball was hearing my brother talk about some baseball thing-or-another called a World Series…whatever that was and my son knew it.

He was shocked as I began speaking baseball on the way home one afternoon. "How'd you know that?" he asked puzzled.

He was falling into my snare, and picking up his game piece to play this educational game for kid.

"Oh, it's just something I read in a book".

That night I went into his room to say goodnight. Isn't that sweet, he fell asleep reading…

What? It can't be!

What's between those baseball-clenching fingers?

A book?!

Keeping his secret, I tiptoed downstairs and saved my victory dance for the front lawn.

I was clearly the winner of this education game contest. My son had picked up a book on his own!

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