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We often received requests for some of our educational toy articles which we published elsewhere but somehow never found their way to our site. Over time we've also received more requests to list some of the other articles which we eventually modified and published on site.

So, what you'll find here is a collection of articles mainly published offline and subsequently expanded to include some of our other more recently published popular ones. 

All of them look at the creative and fun side of toys... often looking at strange and novel ways to use everyday toys. And all of these articles somehow focus on using toys to encourage, stimulate and improve some aspect of children's development. You may also find this article helpful to grasp the impact of these toys on children. 

Of course, we don't ever claim that there is such a thing as one super-duper educational toy that will teach your child all skills s/he could possibly need. But, we know that educational toys are surely some of the most enjoyable and fun ways to learn many vital life skills. 

Let's look at the educational toy articles, but please don't restrict yourself to this page only. Browse our site for more information.... and we surely haven't tried to create a sitemap here  

Hope you enjoy them.

Educational Toy Articles

Fun Choices

  • Should My Child Play Online Games To Get Smarter?... read
  • Melissa and Doug blocks & educational toys... read

Baby Toys

  • Great Toys & Aids for Getting Your Baby Crawling... read
  • Baby Crawl... Make a Roller to Assist... read
  • Crawling Tunnels are Fun to Help Baby Crawlread
  • Toys and Baby Milestones... read
  • 5 Guidelines for Selecting the best Toys for Infants... read
  • 10 Best infant toys... read
  • Have fun with select baby water toys while growing skills... read
  • Educational toys and tips to help baby sit up... read
  • Educational toys and tips for teaching baby to crawl... read

Toddler Toys

  • Evergreen Toddler Climbing Toys... read

Kindergarten and Preschool Toys

  • Kindergarten toys - Easily find the best educational ones... read
  • Find a kindergarten math activity your child will enjoy... and learn from... read
  • Best educational toys for preschoolers... read

Toys to Make

  • How to Make 2 Exceptionally Effective Infant Toys... read
  • 5 Great Reasons why you'll want to make Your Own Baby Mobile... read
  • How to get lots More Fun from old Kid Jigsaw Puzzles... read
  • How to make a Jigsaw Puzzle that's great learning fun... read

Highly Recommended Kid Toys

  • Best Reasons why Kids must have Educational Toys... read
  • How to Teach Kids the Most Important Things About Money & Investing... read
  • Time-Tested Child Learning Toys... read
  • A Carefully Selected Toy Castle Is Always A Winner With Kids... read
  • Top 5 Sets of Lego Building Blocks... read
  • Most Popular Star Wars Characters... read
  • The Popular Harry Potter Game... read 

Learning Toys and Things

  • Top Math Multiplication Games... read
  • 10 Cool math games for kids... read
  • 10 Best math logic games for kids... read
  • The single most-effective child learning activity... read
  • More cool math games for kids... read
  • How to teach kids math using a great, fun game... read
  • read

Fun, Educational Toys

  • Fun Ways to Improve Reading and Learning... read
  • How Trampolines for Kids can Boost Sporting Ability... read 

All About Toy Storage

  • Do-It-Yourself Toy Storage for Taming Toys... read
  • Toddler toy storage ideas... read

We often revise, update and add to this educational toy article page. So, please return to follow our updates.

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