Fun Math Games - The Intelligent Way to Teach Numbers

Fun math games are probably the most discreet way of teaching kids general number skills… what's more, kids will be so focused on having fun that they totally stop thinking about learning. And that's exactly what we want!

Many of us and kids alike simply dislike the very idea of Math for whatever reason. And not all of us had the benefit of educational games that could have helped us master numbers. Today however things are different. We can help our children learn math with much less effort and far more enjoyment.

Very Popular Fun Math Games
Spot It game Rummikub is a fast paced tile game Connect 4 is highly engaging... and kids can play it anywhere!
Spot It Rummikub Connect 4 Game

In fact, many fun math games need nothing at all in terms of a purchase - asking kids to recognize coin or currency denominations, playing counting games with cars on a road trip are simple and fun. Letting a child make purchases at the store (under adult supervision albeit) can also teach simple mental arithmetic: subtraction, addition and so on.

When I was a youngster, my father had me add up digits of car registrations numbers. After getting pretty good at that, I progressed to subtraction, multiplication and division. Wow, I literally reached the stage where I was as good as a mini calculator!

Fun math games kids love

The Sum Swamp game is a wonderful example of having to roll the dice and then adding and subtracting your way out of the swampSum Swamp is a board game that makes math an adventure. 2 to 4 players can play this game that helps children grasp math concepts of addition and subtraction and also helps kids count quicker because the players have to constantly add and subtract to navigate around the board.

Addition and Subtraction card game is a fun way to learning basic number skillsPOP for Addition and Subtraction Card Game is another one of the simple, fun math games that help kids learn math. The game has large and colorful, child friendly illustrations that will interest kids. There are 90 math fact cards a guide and a spinner included in this game that can be played by between 2 and 4 players.

Math war multiplication cards is an exciting way to gain and improve numbers skillsSimilarly, the Math War Multiplication Cards help kids bone up on their tables in a fun way and along with some healthy competition from other players. With these fun math games, kids think they're playing but in fact they're learning!

Fractions and mastering this topic is fun and easy with the Fractions Flash CardsKids can find fractions intimidating and difficult. So introduce the concept to them using these Fractions Flash Cards. The cards can help clarify concepts in an accessible way to kids, with the bright colorful interface with the bold print.

Pizza Fraction Fun is another great board game for learning fractionsPizza Fraction Fun is another board game that simplifies fractions. This is one of those fun math games that is not only fun but which also looks appetizing! It requires kids to indentify and match fractions with the help of 14 double sized pizzas and 3 spinners.

The Fraction Tower is a simple, yet great way to teach fractionsThe Fraction Tower Activity Set is something else that will teach a child the concept of fractions - the game consists of several towers of color coded cubes or blocks that go over each other.

Sumoku is a fun math game with a challenging crossword type layoutSumoku is a fun math game that has a challenging crossword type layout. There are 5 game variations possible in this game which is suitable for kids and adults as well. As many as 8 players can play this game at a time. In this game each player adds up their numbered tiles to a multiple of the number on the die.

Another fun math game that is suitable for kids and adults is Sequence NumbersAnother fun math game that is suitable for kids and adults is Sequence Numbers. The equations are on cards drawn by the players whereas the answers are to be found on the board. The color coded correct answer is to be located on the board and the player chips is to be placed there. Five correct makes a sequence and gets you a winner.

Pixy Cubes is a game that isn’t just about shapes. This challenging and absorbing game will challenge any kid's mind... and developmentPixy Cubes is a game that isn't just about shapes - it is a challenging and absorbing game that aids mental agility, creativity and improves memory. The correct pattern is to be recreated using the colored cubes provided. The 3 dimensional puzzle with 16 cubes and 80 designs will stimulate any kid's mind.

Here are a few more highly popular math games...

The Fun Math Dice Game is a great way to learn numbers... mainly for primary school kids Shape by Shape is surely one of our favorite fun math games for almost all ages. Highly engaging! Zingo is one of the highly popular fun math games on the market
Fun Math Dice Game Shape by Shape Zingo

Fun math games apps for Android, iTunes, Amazon

Because of how all of us seem to have various hand held devices constantly within reach, app developers have created some wonderful apps for every possible requirement including a wide variety of fun math games. Take a look at some of these math games for Android, iTunes and Amazon - all free!

Kids Math is an app for Android devices that is principally for kids - however adults can also play it to keep their mental math quick. The game consists of various equations that help kids become faster at mixed operations, picking out the smallest or highest number, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app has 8 levels of difficulty.

Math Attack is another one of the fun math games for Android operating system devices. The game provides kids practice is subtracting, adding, dividing and multiplication as well as multiple part questions and squares. Maintenance of high score lists can inspire kids to try and better their own scores.

Mathed - Fun Maths is a game with nine levels that become progressively more challenging. There are 5 game modes and it is possible to compete with others.

Einstein Math Academy keeps young minds challenged by making kids make strategic choices and plan for the future. There are 4 different game modes and it's possible to keep a tally of high scoring games. Also the different levels, mean that the game is suitable for several age groups.

Peter Pig's Money Counter is a game developed by Visa Inc for Amazon - it helps young kids sort and count virtual money; even letting them earn money. Kids can have fun and learn about currency as they learn to indentify coins, add up the numbers and hear the sound of coins as well. This is just the thing for parents who want to introduce their kids to the concept of money.

Let’s do the math is a game you can get from the Amazon store for freeLet's Do the Math is a game you can get from the Amazon store for free. The app is designed to simplify math for kids aged between 6 and 9. There are 15 different exercises that kids can choose from. There are also word problems for kids to solve.

Pizza Fractions is a game developed for the iOS (Apple operating system) for iPad or iPhone. This top rated app is a visual based introduction to fractions for young school going kids. It offers kids practical examples of the whole versus the part and other such simple concepts of fractions - 4/6th part, 3/4th, 4/5th part and so on.

Math Bingo is another one of those fun math games that teaches as well as entertains. Teachers recommend this app to their students to improve their math skills. The fun, colorful interface makes it attractive to kids too.

iFactor Quadratics is another free educational math app available on the iTunes store. This is a game that teaches more advanced math concepts to older kids. This helps kids at a stage when the math actually becomes a lot tougher and kids find that they are struggling to cope with their course work.

The Ship Game for calculating up to 20 The Submarine Game for learning to calculate to 100 The Spaceship Game is a fun math game for teaching multiplication and division
The Ship Game The Submarine Game The Spaceship Game

There are many math apps out there - many free, many paid. There are also a huge number of games you can find and play online or install on to your computer and play. A number of CD programs will also teach kids these math concepts and help kids practice sums. Use whichever method seems appealing to your child and which seems convenient to you.

With the number of fun math games all around, it has never been easier for kids learn and improve their math!

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