The Popular Harry Potter Lego Game

Harry Potter Mystery At Hogwarts GameIt comes as no surprise that the Harry Potter Lego game has become such a craze with both kids and adults alike. Right from the charms of Hogwarts to the evil ways of Voldermort, this series captivates everyone.

These games have helped many kids in bettering their fine motor skills apart from building on their imaginative streaks and also learning about concept building. The fact that all these lessons come camouflaged in fun and play, make it all the better for the kids who don't get bogged down with these teachings.

Harry Potter Lego Game

Hogwarts Game

With 332 pieces, this Lego set is a delight even for those who have left their block playing years way behind. Intended for kids above theLEGO Hogwarts Game age of 8 years, the set contains 9 figurines that include all the important ones like Hermione, Ron, Draco, Dumbledore and of course Harry himself. Not only do the players have to build the set by joining the small pieces together, but there is an objective to the game too. The game can be played between two to four people and the intent is to collect the four said objects and be the first to return to the common room. Indeed this Harry Potter Lego game takes blocks to an all new level. Not only do the kids get to test their LEGO Hogwarts Gamehand-eye co-ordination but they also learn to understand the need to work fast. The mind is forced to work on many levels, where at one it has to concentrate of the building task, at another it needs to work through the maze to get to the various objects that are required to win the game. Stimulating the mind and forcing it to multi-task is definitely one of the most important lessons learnt by the game.

Other Harry Potter Lego interests include...

Quidditch Match

LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch MatchThe exciting magical ball game has been well replicated by Lego. The set contains 153 Lego pieces and targets kids between 6 years and 12 years. Apart from the 5 figurines, the set also offers broom sticks, goal posts and of course the snitch, bludgers and quaffle. The fact that the set does not offer the traditional shapes of most Lego games makes it even more LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Matchintriguing. Learning to fit the parts right will get those minds working and the play with the tiny parts needs some serious hand eye co-ordination. Creating the setting in keeping with how a real Quidditch field would look like, is definitely the most exciting part of the game and gives a huge boost to the child's concept building expertise.

Freeing Dobby

LEGO Harry Potter Freeing DobbyThe little house elf won a lot of hearts and the game follows suit. This Harry Potter Lego game intended for kids from 6 years to 12 years comes with 73 pieces in all. Harry's task is to free poor Dobby from Malfoy and for this everything right from pushing a button to LEGO Harry Potter Freeing Dobbyblast Malfoy, to throwing spiders on him, everything is allowed. The game calls for some serious skills in putting together the set. Interpreting the instructions helps kids to learn the task of converting parts into a whole by following a set path. The little sock of Dobby is definitely a cute touch to the set while spell blast is a huge novelty.

Hagrid's Hut

LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's HutWith 6 figurines and 442 pieces, this Lego set is more for kids in the 7 years to 14 years bracket. Aragog is a nice touch and building it does need require some good logical analysis. The lattice windows and swing open door of the hut is nice touch and LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's Hutmakes for some great pretend play. The hut opens up to make it more exciting. This is one Harry Potter Lego game where kids will need to give their best in both the physical and the mental arenas.

The Harry Potter Lego game has its own charm, educational values and so it comes as no surprise then that almost all kids want more.

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