How to Make 2 Exceptionally Effective Infant Educational Toys

These 2 infant educational toys will encourage your baby's visual sharpness and eye-and coordination. Ever noticed how an infant seems look… but never really sees?

During the first 4 months Baby is mostly a spectator trying to get both eyes to simultaneously look at the same thing. This skill develops single vision... something Baby must have before he can reach out with his hands for different objects.

Green Toys My First Stacker

First Stacker

Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

Count & Compose Piano

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Bendy Ball

It also allows Baby to follow moving objects more accurately... one of the very basic skills everyone must have for normal developed.

Although it's not really possible to speed up Baby's focusing process, you can drastically speed up reaching and using both eyes by giving the right stimulation... which can easily be done with infant educational toys.

One of the biggest advantages you can give any infant is the ability to... bring vision + hand + arm movements together

You can always buy the latest infant educational toys to stimulate Baby discovering both hands and use them at the earliest possible time. We've listed a few great one on this page.

But… there are 2 amazingly simple baby toys you can easily make that'll definitely also give these benefits and results.

Lamaze Stretch the Giraffe, Colors may Vary

Stretch The Giraffe

Musical inchworm

Musical Inchworm

Trix Clutching toy

Clutching Toy

In fact, research proved that these infant educational toys accelerated Baby's controlled reaching and grasping. Normal infants typically learn this skill at 5 months, whereas these educational infant toys accelerated stimulation to around 3 months.

How To Make Visually-Intriguing Infant Educational Toys

  • How To Transform Dummies Into Stimulating Toys
  • Turn Rattles Into Attention-Grabbing Educational Toys

  • Eye-Opening, Visually-Intriguing Dummy

    This is one of the very simple infant educational toys to radically speed up reaching for and grasping of objects. It also makes Baby visually more alert.

    Here's how to make it...

    how to make an effective infant educational toy

    1. Take a dummy and paint non-toxic very bright red dots on the shield of the dummy.  

    how to make an infant educational toy 

    1. Cut a circle, approximately 15cm(6inches) diameter, out of a white cardboard box. Thickness of the cardboard does not matter, as long as it's white. Make a small hole in the middle of the circle.      

    2. Next tie a string to the dummy. And feed the string through the cardboard hole.       

    3. Tie the other end of the string to the cot rail. Hang the dummy approximately 20cm (8") above Baby's shoulder.

    Here's how to make a very stimulating infant educational toy

    1. Make another polka dot dummy following the above steps and hang this one at the other end of the cot

    The white cardboard gives a light background and draws attention to the dummy with its intriguing color and shape.

    Sometimes during the first few weeks, Baby will smack the dummy with a closed fist. Later on with an open hand and even later opening his hand in expectation of making contact with the dummy.

    This feat is exceptionally powerful and proves Baby is learning to use eyes and hands at the same time… one the first coordination skills to learn.

    Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle/Foot Finder Set

    Wrist Rattle & Foot Finder

    Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit

    Baby Whoozit

    Lamaze Jacques the Peacock

    Jacques The Peacock

    Attention-Grabbing Rattle

    One of the very first aims of valuable infant educational toys is to visually stimulate and train your infant.

    Here's how to turn rattles into infant educational toys that'll boost your attempts to visually train Baby.

    1. Take any rattle, even if it's old and dull.    Tie some bright colored ribbons to it leaving ends free to flutter. This addition turns any old rattles into powerful and visually attractive educational infant toys.   

    2. One or twice a day take the rattle and move it in font of Baby's eyes... approximately 30cm (12") away. You may have to shake the rattle to initially draw attention to it.   

    3. Once Baby looks at the rattle, move it slowly to one side of his vision. Look if Baby follows the rattle. Initially Baby's eyes make big jerks and refocuses on the rattle. With perseverance Baby accurately follows the rattle.     

    4. After doing this exercise, reward Baby by placing the rattle in his hand. With exercise, Baby will continuously follow the rattle, even after placing it in his hand.

    Both of these infant educational toys are very easy to make. Yet most often parents underestimate the exceptionally ability to immediately visually stimulate and learn any infant.

    Also, have a look at other top baby toys for more stimulating options.

    Baby Einstein Octoplush


    Taggies Grabby Elephant Toy

    Grabby Elephant

    Lamaze Cloth Book, Peek-A-Boo Forest

    Peek-a-Boo Forest

    So, now you have the basics of some educational toys for infants. But don't sit idly by and waste valuable moments with your baby. Apply these exercises, turn your toys into real educational toys and you WILL radically improve Baby's visual awareness and improve eye-hand coordination.

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