Simply The Best Kid Money Game

What does a kid money game have to do with having success in life? Here's an example...

I stumbled upon Cashflow 101

one day and decided to buy the game.

Cashflow 101 is a kid money game teaching the basics of our personal finances. Once you understand what money principles Cashflow teaches, you can literally create ways to increase it, make it more, reduce it's outflow… literally everything you need to be money-wise.

For about 14 years I really did everything possible to learn and understand money and investment. I even went to university and part-time studied business sciences for 4 years.

But sad to say… none of that gave me the understanding of money and cashflow like this kid money game.

But I can already hear you ask…

Will it teach my kids anything worthwhile?

Instead of giving you a "yes" or a "no", I'd rather give you their results. Then judge for yourself whether your expectations will be met by this kid money game.

My children were 9, 13 and 16 when they inherited a little money from my father. Keep in mind that at that stage they already knew the principles of money very well.

They've each played Cashflow at least about 20 times then. So they knew the basics of investing. And through the game they've "bought" rental properties many, many times.

So, together they decided to use their inheritance as a deposit on a very small rental property. By the way… one of the key things this money game teaches is investing wisely.

Now, little more than 15 months later, they are monthly pocketing 253% more than their allowance… each!

In the mean time their property value has gone up dramatically… by about 64% (that's what similar ones are now selling for). And keep in mind that's in 15 months!

Now, this is where I come in

Rather than selling the place, I advised them to refinance the property. And use that money as a deposit on another rental unit.

Just imagine a 11 and 15-year-old going to the bank asking for a loan on a second property

But, will your kids do the same?

You know I cannot guarantee that.

But I can honestly say that without this financial board game my kids wouldn't have thought of investing their money. In fact, I'm pretty sure they would merely have spent it.

So, will this kid money game teach your kids anything worthwhile?

Most definitely. They'll learn that earning a big salary is no guarantee of financial success whatsoever.

While they role-play the janitor, nurse or truck driver in Cashflow 101 they'll quickly discover it's much easier to get financially free with these "jobs" than the doctor or attorney can ever hope to do.

So the financial principle is simple…

It's only what you know and what you do with your income that really matters.

And that they'll most definitely learn.