An Exciting, Fun-Learning
Kid Outdoor Game

"A kid outdoor game! You must have twisted your child's arm to do that".

"Mine's so tuned into watching television that when you take him outside…"

"Mom, there's nothing to do out here, can we go back inside? I want to watch my show."

Ever wished you could think of a neat kid outdoor game that he would enjoy playing?

One thing's for sure...

You need a great idea that would be more interesting to him than his show. Come to think of it... that's what he calls everything he watches on television.

Try looking at any outside kid game from his angle.

Your child wants an activity that offers some of the same elements he finds from his favorite shows…a bit of adventure .... something different for a change.

It's not so hard to understand that he'd also want to enjoy something different in a kid outdoor game.

Even parents enjoy a bit of variety from time to time, not necessarily something earth shattering. Just a change of pace to spice things up a bit. Something like...

A Cool Kid Outdoor Game

It's called... Frog-House Architect.

The only necessary ingredient for this summer kid outdoor game is the ever-forbidden, but oh so enticing dirt right in your own backyard.

Let your child use his hands or a plastic shovel to fill a small bucket with dirt. The dirt should be damp, but not muddy.

If the dirtis dry or sandy, let him sprinkle it with water.

Before you toss this idea, remember…

No child comes with a tag saying "hand-washable"… so, he'll wash up pretty well with a bath.

After your child has dug enough dirt to fill his bucket, let him sit on the ground

Yes, on the ground... it's one of the most fun parts of this kid outdoor game.

Now, place his foot into the area from which he has dug.

All he has to do now to shape his frog-house is dump his bucket of dirt on top of his foot. He can use his hands or plastic shovel to mold and shape the dirt around his foot.

By using his hands in this game and activity for kids, your child is developing motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Now... let him take out his foot…

Voila! He's created a home splendid enough for any respectable frog.

Naturally, and much to your delight…all frogs used in this outside kid game are imaginary.

Let him use his fingers or toes to make original designs on the outside area of his frog-house for landscaping. He can also decorate it with rocks, marbles, acorns, or flowers.

This outside game for kid may seem pretty humdrum to you. But remember, we're looking at it from your child's angle.

He'll really enjoy building his own little neighborhood.

Would you ever have thought that playing in dirt could aid his emotional development by giving him a sense of appreciation for community?

He'll even begin to realize a value in providing for others… even if they're only imaginary frogs at this point.

The entire time your child is building his frog-houses, he is developing and honing his creative skills .

Though he probably won't automatically become an architect... you'll be giving him the opportunity to enjoy the things he builds.

And... little is more rewarding than the sense of accomplishment in a job well done!

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