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Think Fun Math Dice
Math dice

Kids educational toys hold the keys to teach and improve various skills. Make their learning fun and you will not have to force your child on the path of knowledge ever again. Force this very same knowledge down his throat and you may end up with a kid who detests learning.

While the younger kids are much easier to expose to learning toys, as they get older things can get a bit difficult. When you're looking for the right toys for kids about 6 years and older, you must first understand his personal and unique interests... and then buy accordance with this.

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6 Groups of Kids Educational Toys


By the time a child reaches the age of 6 years, we are no longer looking at motor skill development, since that feat has been accomplished already. This is why many parents will over look the construction toys. While physical development may not be a huge issue at this stage, mental stimulus is.

ThinkFun Block By Block
Block by block
Erector Motorized Multi Model Set, 261 Pieces
Motorized multi model
K'Nex Education Intro To Simple Machines - Levers and Pulleys - 178 Pieces
Pulleys and levers

Bringing in the complicated props from the mechanical toy section can boost a child's mental abilities drastically. Right from building mechanics to car construction toys to even the latest craze of transformers, everything works in this arena. These toys are rather complex and need the child to apply both the mind and the motor skills to be able to conquer the challenges posed by the toy.

Technic mobile crane
Erector Motorized Racing Car & More - 643 pc Metal Construction Set
Metal construction set
Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set - 150-Piece Set
Gears construction

Learning to use the mind in collaboration with the physical abilities is a huge incentive that construction toys offer.  Another category of kids educational toys you'd like to check out is the wooden toy castles, as well as other castles, Lego building blocks and Lego Star Wars characters... these are always very popular.

Science Kits

Scientific Explorer's Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists
Explorer's kit
Building structures

Building structures
Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100
Starter circuits

6 Years onwards, kids start to wonder about how certain things work. Right from the alarm clock to the electrical circuit of a house, everything and anything can fascinate them. There are several scientific toys available in the market, where the kids can make their own electronic circuits without any danger to electricity.

Right from mock blood test samples to alarm circuits, these toys demystify it all. A child with an interest in this arena can learn tremendously from these toys. A little adult interaction will take these lessons to an all new high.

Magnet science
Magnet science


A few years ago our own survey among university students revealed that most engineers, scientist, architects and quantity surveyors played with some of these types of educational toys when they were kids.

Interactive Books

It is a fact that somewhere between the television and the video LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tabletgames, our kids seem to have put reading on a back seat. Most don't like being shoved a book into their face. However, interactive books like leap pads do rather well in developing reading skills. These books come in various levels and for many Kindle Readersubjects. And depending on the grasp of the child one can introduce the right ones to her.

Of course, for the older kids there's the new electronic 'books'. And it doesn't get much easier or better than the Kindle readers.

Although it might not necessarily be applicable right now, we particularly like the eBooks for Kindle option which these devices allow. It's literally having a mobiles library and newsstand readily available.

Of course, if you have a Kindle that supports Whispersync for Voice, you can also purchase the audio version at a discounted price... this is a very handy feature young ones and adults may enjoy for a very long time.

Brain Teasers

ThinkFun Shape By Shape
Shape by shape
Educational Insights Maze Ways Cat and Mouse
Maze ways

Another ever favorite group of kid learning toys, is brain teasers. Right from the Rubic cube to other problem solving mind games, anything will do. The variety in this section is extensive and almost every season sees a new lot of brain teasers coming into the market. Some of these kids educational toys are intriguing enough for the adults too and can make for some great interactive play.

Perplexus epic
Perplexus epic
IQ Twist
IQ Twist

Other wonderful games are those specifically aimed at mastering math and other skills.

Electronic games

Illuminated Touch Screen Sudoku Puzzle Game 20Q Electronic Hyperslide

Before you declare me mad, do stop and think. Not all video games are bad. The trick is simply to know which ones to expose your kids too. Games that call for strategy building skills, mathematical ones and even cognitive abilities, can serve to educate a child in many ways.

However, a word of caution; do not over expose a child to video games and always make sure that there is no violence in the game in any form.

Also have a look at these very popular electronic games we found.

Highly Recommended: DIY

The Gliding Flight
Paper airplanes
Fantastic flight
Folding paper airplanes

I stumbled upon this group of kids educational toys a few years ago. Since then I've learned that all kids are simply fascinated by educational toys where some skill is needed AND an outcome can be measured. And folding and making paper aeroplanes are great for bettering fine motor skills.

Very few kid activities or toys will keep children so occupied and interested like a simple plane they fold from a single sheet of paper and trying to fly it as far as possible.  I just wish I had this one when I was a kid smiley

Triominos in TinThere is no cutting or glue required. I've personally literally joined my kids and folded every single plane in this book myself... several times. And they actually work amazingly well! Great fun.

Teaching kids new skills is not and need not be a difficult task. Understanding the natural flare of a child and her interests and then exposing her to the right educational toys is probably one of the most appropriate ways to go about the education process.

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