Kids Learning Toys for
5-10 Year Olds

Finding great kids learning toys always trigger some debate among teachers and parents, specifically finding successful ways to improve children's learning skills. Is it taking part in a bigger variety of activities? Playing with specific educational toys? Following structured learning programs? What's the latest 'hot' thing on the market promising great results?

Here's what we believe are really worthy toys… ones that withstood the enduring tests of time, playing children and, of course, which benefited them.

Select Kids Toys for 5-7 Year Olds

Probably the most important thing every parent must ensure for ones in this age group is adequate reading and writing skills. We've found that many children struggle unnecessarily because of inadequate reading and writing skills. Here are a few kid toys to make sure your child doesn't struggle here:

Spill and spell is a terrific educational learning toy
Spill and Spell
Bananagrams is fun, educational and you don't need pen, pencil or any special board
Wordplay is a learning game for improving vocabulary, spelling and building words

Another important development area is improving perceptual skills and mental abilities.

Pocket size Story Cubes is a fun and creative story maker
Story Cubes
Spontuneous is a fun learning game where a word triggers you to sing a song
Math Dice is a simple fun way to improve number skills
Math Dice

Winning Toys For 7 - 8 Year Olds

Once children reach 7 - 8 years they typically become more disciplined, set high goals, will be more spontaneous, show more initiative… and unfortunately also become more careless. As a result, they have very specific preferences when it comes to choosing specific playthings.

Our suggestions are therefore to focus on:

Creative activities… and give them a challenge!

Melissa & Doug's Suspend is a great coordination and cognitive skill learning toy
Magnetic Tile Art turns ordinary tiles into art, then attach a magnet for a cool fridge art
Magnetic Tile Art
Make a wind chime
Wind Chime


Memory games are certain winners. They give endless hours' pleasure

Adams Cube
Adams Cube
IQ Twist - fit all the twisted playing pieces on the board
IQ Twist
Gravity Maze develops logic, planning, memory... all while having great fun
Gravity Maze


Kids just love competition toys and games… playing to be the "winner"

Bounce Off challenges opponents to create a pattern in a board by bouncing balls into a grid
Bounce Off
Spot it is a challenging perception, language and coordination game
Spot It
The very popular, classic Jenga

There are so many great construction toys on the market. You cannot go wrong with classics like Lego and Technic. And if you get a high quality toy it'll last many years.

You may also be interested in the following very popular toys for 7-8 year olds:

The K'nex building set comes with plans for 70 models... or build your own
K'nex Building Set
This snap together electrical circuitry is one of the most popular kids learning toys
Snap Circuits
Labyrinth teaches planning, cause & effect, and association by creating an ever-changing labyrinth players must move through

Rule of Thumb

General 'Rule of Thumb': when in doubt for this age group, always rely on the following options: 

Toys For 9 - 10 Year Olds

9 - 10 Year olds normally work hard and play hard. And they've certainly developed their own preferred kids learning toys and activities.

Gearball braineaser puzzle
Brainteaser Puzzle
Mastermind game of logic and deductions
Penny Graphic complete skateboard
Penny Graphic Skateboard

They often like to do one activity like cycling or skateboarding until they're exhausted. Team activities become increasingly important… even if it's not formally organized events.
You can confidently get complex creative activities… give them a challenge!

Another suggestion: you'd be pretty accurate by assuming that most children like to be playing sports, being active and be outside. Indoors most children in this age category like active play like table tennis and board games.

One very trusted kids learning toy with both boys and girls is still any complex construction toy. Not all children like to read books. Razor RipStik Caster Board But nowadays, many other excellent magazines and reading material are available… not only in hard copy format, but also in various electronic formats.

Although not really a learning toy - videos, especially informative, stimulating ones about the environment, can also be learning aid worth considering. Here are few video and electronic games worth another look.

The fastest way to learn guitar - an extremely polular Xbox learning video game
Learn Guitar
Laser Maze logic game with a real laser for planning and sequential reasoning development
Laser Maze
Solitaire Chess
Solitaire Chess

Technology-Based Kids Learning Toys and Games

Although console games and television based games are very popular worldwide, we still maintain that the 'classic' games and activities hold considerably more learning value for children in this age group than most other passive technology based games… mainly because the classic toys, games and activities require an active input and engagement from our child.

Many electronic games require very little interaction from our child. Obviously we prefer our kids to 'do' something while playing. Stated differently, we prefer our kids to learn by very active participation.

Our General Motto: Play on; screen off


One last word of caution...

Before rushing off to get your child a toy you particularly like. Get some inputs, likes and dislikes from your child. From our experience this is the very best way to get the most value from your kids learning toys. You'll effectively ensure you buy something that combines your goals and your child's personal preferences.

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