What Kid Toy Would You Buy?

What kid toy would you buy if you were given $200 right now?

Let's say you are walking by your favorite toy shop when the owner comes running out the doors. He runs up to you and says... "You're the lucky one - I am going to give you anything in my shop to the value of $200!"

But there is one catch. You have one hour to choose what you want. And it must be some learning toy. Question is - what would you get?

OK, to simplify things, here are a few 'rules':

  1. You may get as many products as you like as long as the total value is $200 or less
  2. Let's use the prices at Amazon's toy shop as a guide since they have a huge range of toys
  3. Don't bother about the details - were merely trying to establish what toys you'd be interested in buying

One last 'rule' - let us know for what age you'd be buying this toy!

Ok? Ready? Go!

Here are a few 'quick-finds' if you're stuck for ideas:

What's Your Toy Selection?

What's your unique selection of kid toys for $200? Tell us about it. We'd like to have a look.