A Great Learning Kindergarten Activity

"What's the best kindergarten activity for my child?"… I'm often asked.

Let's answer this question by first looking at what kindergarten kids are suppose to learn and know.

Kindergarten is a time when children are taking their first steps in learning very important concepts, such as colors, numbers and the alphabet.

So, to be a great activity it must boost one or more of these concepts.

Kindergarten activity for one kid

Let's start off with the basics. Make it personal.

Make sure he knows his full name, parents' names, phone number and address, if possible. This is often taught in kindergarten for the child's own protection.

Read books on letters or numbers together and have the child point them out.

If the child's kindergarten class is currently learning to tie shoes, practice tying different kinds of shoes.

You'd be surprised how many children with learning problems at school cannot perform one or more of these activities!

Whatever your kid does... remember that her attention span is still short and she can easily be frustrated. Keep the learning fun!

Kindergarten activity for a group

For a group of kindergarten kids, the activity will undoubtedly be more about play than learning (unless you're an experienced kindergarten teacher). But this too has its value.

Let the kids all work on an easy crafts project. Simply put out enough modeling clay, crayons and coloring books to keep everyone amused.

You can even find an activity or game for your kindergarten bunch that allows them to run around safely outdoors.

Kindergarten activity tip: take advantage of children's curiosity and boundless energy. And by all means, be flexible enough and have a backup plan ready in case the main event isn't a hit.

Learning builds on previous learning. Ensure that your kindergarten kids learn, know and can actually DO the basic things before trying "to get them ahead". Too many parents make this obvious mistake.

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