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Kindergarten Game

Hmmm, what's an idea for a kindergarten game?

It appears as if your savvy five-year old doesn't want to play your usual game. Even if she doesn't yet know what other kindergarten idea she'll fancy.

Unfortunately it's your job to come up with some type of kindergarten game that she'll find suitable for her tastes.

Why does a five-year old suddenly abandon games she has always liked playing, even the ones she has begged for over and over?

She's growing up, no doubt about it; your child will be in first grade next year. She doesn't want to be a baby anymore.

Since your old standbys aren't going to cut it with your child, it's time to move this concept of play to a higher level.

Your child doesn't see herself as your baby anymore. And she doesn't want to be seen that way by you.

So... what's a kindergarten game solution you can suggest to assure her that you know she's growing up?

Only one...

Schoolhouse Theatre Kindergarten Game

Since it's obviously school that she wants, then it's school she shall play.

Children are amazingly unique in their ideas about what actually represents school. Any kindergarten activity suggests to her that she's becoming more independent and self-sufficient.

Let your child create her own classroom, whether it's in a corner of the family room or at your bill-paying desk.

Naturally, she is going to be the teacher. Would you even think of anyone else for the job? Of course not, after all, this is her kindergarten game.

She'll enjoy the authority of reading to her imaginary students which will not only encourage her own reading, but will also improve her self-esteem.

You'll notice renewed enthusiasm for the same act-out songs she refers to as "for babies" when she gets to teach them.

This kindergarten activity lets her be in charge and gives her the chance to exhibit her abilities. As she performs songs which involve physical participation, she will be further honing her motor skills.

Allow her to pass out assignment sheets, whether printed or blank, to each student. The only thing she'll enjoy more than being the one to provide directions to her class is being the one who gets to check the answers.

When your child is grading her students' work, let her make the call. She gets to do all the fun stuff in this kindergarten game.

You can play along with your child in a way that doesn't take away from her authority. Offer to play the role of a volunteer parent who comes to help her during the day with the class.

Make certain in this kindergarten game to ask your child her expert teacher's advice. When your child is grading her students' work, let her make the call for accuracy.

It will offer her a better understanding of her own future teachers' position within the classroom.