Find A Kindergarten Math Activity Your Child Will Enjoy... And Learn From

I've always found that looking for a fun kindergarten math activity can be very time consuming and challenging... especially if you're hoping to get something to also give your child the basic math skills.

Introducing your child to math concepts at a very early age is a wonderful way to master math when she formally encounters them in a later grade.

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But how do you specifically plan a kindergarten math activity?

And how do you make it fun?

  1. One of the very best ways is to interest your child in a cooking or baking project.

    This is an exciting way to introduce counting (as in counting eggs or tablespoons of sugar or salt), units of measure (cups, ounces, teaspoons, etc.), numbers and even fractions (a third of a cup, ½ tablespoon).

    You'd be extremely surprised how much math skills kids pick up through such projects.

    An added bonus of this math activity is teaching kitchen safety and even a little bit of physics. Maybe not immediately, but at some stage your child will become interested in how the oven's heat affects raw ingredients.

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  1. Some parents like to go as far as to buy specific math workbooks. Personally I believe that your child gets more math concepts doing fun things than to learn from a book.

    As you work through the math activities with your child, you'll quickly learn which concepts needs reinforcing.

    In such case my suggestion is always to find a fun activity rather than to buy just another book.

    Most important for all kindergarten math activities...

    Be sure not to set your expectations beyond your child's abilities or age level. Most often this approach backfires. It causes frustration and only ends up giving your child little confidence regarding her math skills.

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  1. Another great kindergarten math activity is adding car numbers.

    I've asked my kids to add them. They simply add the individual numbers on the registration plates to get a total.

    The biggest advantage is... there's usually extremely limited time in which to do the calculation. Just make sure you know the answer!

  2. Or how about adding telephone numbers?

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One of the very best ways to teach math skills is by making the learning process fun. And specifically kindergarten math is no exception.

Absolutely nothing teaches kids like a fun activity. And the best way is to find useful, fun applications in everyday life.

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