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Brain quest"What top kindergarten toy should I get? What's best for my child right now to prepare for school?"

That's very important, since you can still drastically improve your child's performance at school if you select correctly.

OK. Let's start by looking at the kids themselves. What are their interests right now? What should they be learning? What skills should they have mastered by now? Clearly one of the best ways to encourage and stimulate your child's development is to use one or more of the many toys and playthings that interest them right now.

And yes... let's make sure we're all talking about the same group of young ones. We typically see kindergarten children as those somewhere between the ages of 4 and 6.

Kindergarten toys they like

Firstly there's the "pretender and inquisitive" 4 year olds. And then the "more coordinated, more disciplined" 5 year olds and the "know it all" 6 year olds in this category.

Also, kindergarten kids start to work in groups, as friends become an important part of their lives.

Generally boys prefer educational toys such as...

Kid's magnets
Kid's Magnets
Children's Tool Kit
Children's Tool Kit
Magnetic Building Set
Magnetic Building Set
  • magnets
  • magnet games
  • Lego
  • building blocks
  • wood cut-offs
  • simple woodwork toys, and...
  • balls

Girls on the other hand like...

Deluxe Wooden Stringing Beads with over 200 beads
Wooden Stringing Beads
Bracelet Making Kit
Bracelet Making
Make Your Own Cards
Make Your Own Cards
  • crafts
  • simple construction toys
  • stringing of beads
  • dolls
  • costumes, and...
  • sorting toys

And then there are evergreen toys such as...

Blokus Classics Game
Blokus Classic

They may even fancy music instruments - very much like my second child, but I still believe that was more for making noises rather than being musically inclined. They will enjoy it nevertheless.

Hohner 6 Piece Rhythm Instrument Set
Rhythm Instruments
Green Toys Jump Rope
Jump Rope
Sleeping Queens
Sleeping Queens

In my opinion, one of the simplest and cheapest, yet most important educational kindergarten toys you can have is a skipping rope (jump rope). Nowhere will you find a toy that improves coordination, agility and timing so easily. Over a number of years I've seen many children drastically improve their basic sporting skills with a skipping rope. Your child will not be an exception. If there's one toy you must have... THIS is it!

Interest your child in his immediate environment by stimulating craft activities. In general I like to use water, sand, paint, clay, collage, foam, foam rubber, and aluminium foil activities.

Hammered Metal Creations
Hammered Metal Creations
Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit
Paper Airplanes
Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Jewelry Box
Sticky Mosaics Jewelry Box

Finally, it's great to encourage and improve your child's skills. But? DON'T only buy toys that your child like.

Toy Tip

Develop your child's complete skills range by getting many different types of kindergarten toys. Keep in mind that specific toys develop only certain skills. Stated differently, every child needs a whole range of experiences, familiarities, know-how's and  skills to perform and function optimally.

So, there is very little ultimate benefit if your child spends a disproportionate amount of time performing, learning and mastering one activity s'he likes while neglecting other as-important skills.

For more information on toys for this age group, please go here.

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