Very Popular Leapfrog Games for Kids

LeapFrog games, such as the Leapster, LeapPad, Tag and many other kid entertainment and educational toys by are among the bestselling and most popular toys on the market today - liked by children and parents alike. Many of these are technology based educational toys. To put it into perspective, these devices are to kids what the newest Smartphone or tablet could be for their parents.

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We look at the most popular Leapfrog games on the market today, their features, their pros and cons as well as what users and reviewers are saying...

The LeapPad Explorer Tablet

TThe Leapfrog games tablet is considerably faster than the original Leappad - and a wonderful innovation in electronic kid gameshis LeapPad is a child friendly sized tablet for kids with a 5 inch screen, rounded edges and a bright color scheme - simply put it is the kiddies version of the iPad. Children are naturally interested in gadgets so when you hand your child one of these, it becomes their own personal device and they will be that much less interested in your handheld device which may be far less appropriate.

Leapfrog Leappad Explorer inspires kids typically aged 3 and older.Leapfrog games give kids access to the fun technology that adults enjoy. It comes equipped with a reader, digital camera, games and apps, but at an age appropriate level. This way a child can read eBooks, play games and use a host of child friendly educational and entertainment apps. The dual cameras help kids take videos and still photos. The front facing camera means that the child can take their own photos unaided too.

The device has a touch screen for which the child can use the given stylus or their own finger. It is equipped with volume control and a Leapfrog Leappad 2 is a much improved version of the previous very popular Leappad.headphone jack; parents don't have to suffer the game music which can be rather irritating.
However these Leapfrog Games do not have internet access or WiFi. To download new apps and games, you need to connect the device to the computer. This is a relief for most parents since the internet can be inappropriate and even dangerous for little children.

Leapster GS

The Leapster GS is deemed by many users as the ultimate learning game for 4-9 year oldsThe manufacturers call this the "ultimate learning game system". The Leapster GS is an educational gaming system that more than just an age appropriate video game for kids. Looking rather like the usual portable, handheld play station, this one has a brighter color scheme that kids would find more attractive. Kids can use the built in camera to take pictures and include themselves and their friends in the games that they play on the device.

Leapster adapterKid friendly multi button controls and a touch screen help kids navigate over 300 Leapfrog games. For instance kids can learn to write the alphabet by connecting the dots on the screen using their finger or the given stylus. The device has a 2 GM memory and you can download apps and games on to it. Kids can learn concepts such as alphabets, numbers, basic math, measuring units and more effortlessly through these fun games. Leapfrog Leapster is a portable interactive learning game system

The Leapster comes equipped with school and life skills that change levels according to the age and maturity of the child. Puzzle games, action games and apps that teach kids about their environment some of the other attractive features.

LeapFrog Tag

LeapFrog TAG Reading SystemThis innovative education system helps kids learn to read using a library of over 40 books and a pen like device that "reads" the text. There is an infrared camera in the tip of the device that, reads text when the child moves across the printed words and says them aloud. Kids can hear their favorite characters talk and sing. Tag Junior is designed for kids aged 1 to 4 and has a differently designed, easier to grasp reader. Its other version caters to kids aged between 4 and 8.

LeapfrogTAG reading system stimulates kids to read and learnThese Leapfrog games are designed to help the child correlate between the written word and its sound and also to improve a child's spoken language skills. Teachers recommend the product as helpful in improving reading skills among students. This also helps a child develop a bond with books rather than other media. This is important for parents who want that their child should develop an affinity and liking for reading books.

8 More popular Leapfrog Games

Leapfrog Leister Learning Game SpongeBob Square Pants Saves the Day

Leapfrog Leister Learning Game SpongeBob Square Pants Saves the DayDesigned for children between 4 to 8 years. This one is all about helping SpongeBob create the right sauce. In finding the right ingredients kids go through various levels and in the process develop their mathematical skills, learn about money and also understand logic building and reasoning. This Leapfrog game is also great for developing cognitive skills.

Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game: Toy Story 3Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game: Toy Story 3

Buzz and Woody go about with various tasks for each level. So while on one hand there is Buzz navigating the vending machine on the other there is Woody trying to cross the playground. The game targets kids in the 4-7 years range and helps them to better their addition and subtraction skills, map their way through the game and also learn the letters of the English alphabet and build on their word making power. A secondary skill is to better hand -eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game BatmanLeapfrog Leapster Learning Game Batman

Skip counting is a difficult and very important stage in mathematics. This Leapfrog game helps kids excel at exactly this. The aim of the game is to help Batman save Gotham city. Right from teaching skip counting to addition and subtraction and also odd and even numbers, this game covers it all. So stop Firefly from stealing the laser by putting your knowledge of shapes to use or recover stolen diamonds by adding and subtracting in the right way.

Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game Pet PalsLeapfrog Leapster Learning Game Pet Pals

Another gem from Leapfrog for the 4-7 years age group this game is about the basics of mathematics and also developing early reading skills and learning writing too. However, learning to follow instructions is, no doubt, the most important lesson of this game. The adorable puppy is exciting for little kids who are happy to cuddle it and nurture it all the while earning money to buy the pup doggie goodies.

Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game Disney PrincessLeapfrog Leapster Learning Game Disney Princess

This one puts a special smile on the little girl's faces. With a double bonus in the form of both Cinderella and Ariel, the game offers a wide range of levels. While Cinderella dances amidst letters of the English alphabet, Ariel jumps on clamps. The game helps learn the basics of early mathematics while also helping these little kids to read and develop on their phonic skills.

Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic Digging for DinosaursLeapfrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic Digging for Dinosaurs

A treat for kids with love for dinosaur history, this one has six adventures to offer. The game teaches kids dinosaur facts, fossils facts and also helps them learn mapping skills and reasoning methods. There are also games that help develop matching skills and reasoning abilities. Definitely an intriguing game that works as a good teaching aid.

Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game Mr. Pencil's Learn to Draw and WriteLeapfrog Leapster Learning Game Mr. Pencil's Learn to Draw and Write - There are ove

There are over 100 interactive games in this one and each designed to help your kid to read and write. While some games help the kids to learn phonetics and thereby develop their cognitive abilities, others are designed to help children to better their hand eye co-ordination and write better. The step by step drawing lessons are a delight for young kids and help them show off their artistic skills.

Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic My Amusement ParkLeapfrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic My Amusement Park

Right from building parks to making money to setting up rides in these parks to even building food stands here, the game offers it all. This strategy game teaches kids how to plan and develop their moves in order to achieve their goals and also helps them build on their problem solving skills and mathematical deductions. Children are encouraged to open up their imagination and take their creativity forward.

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Case Leapster Kids Carry-It-All Backpack: Blue & Grey LeapFrog Leapster Carrying Case

Since most Leapfrog games can connect to the internet for more games and levels, this is a huge advantage of these educational games. Parents have the option of getting progress reports of their kids who have joined the online Leapfrog Learning Path and this does increase the popularity of these games tremendously.

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