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PalpatineIt's not easy to pick from the Lego Star Wars characters. So, be prepared to battle with yourself on how many to take home. These characters are a craze no doubt and for those of you presuming them to be nothing more that tiny figurines that your kids can play with, you are in for a surprise.

The Lego Star Wars characters come with their own educational punch. Right from helping kids with their fine motor skills, building their cognitive powers, unleashing their imagination to helping them put together little pieces to create to larger wholesome figure, these Lego figurines do it all.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader

Kids with a love for Star Wars respond tremendously to these props and one is glad that Lego offers the entire range to keep the kids excited about each character. Some of the most popular Lego Star Wars characters are:

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Count Dooku

LEGO Star Wars characters Count Dooku with Silver LightsaberThis perfect count from Star Wars with his silver lightsaber comes with a lovely black cape and a nice grey hair. The stern expression completes the look perfectly as does the shiny red lightsaber. The small arms of the toy compel kids to better their hand-eye co-ordination and master it by fixing the right slots together. There are not too many pieces, which make it ideal for even kids who just crossed the choking hazard mark.

LEGO Star Wars Characters Yoda with LightsaberYoda

Complete with rubbery ears, this Yoda has his very own lightsaber and wears a very serious alien look on his face. The legs move and the arms are detachable, but the sliding of the lightsaber and the wriggly ears are the real attraction here. Great for kid's pretend play and a must have for all Star War fans.

Boba FettLEGO Star Wars Characters - Boba Fett

The colors on this one are awesome and the black gun completes the 'ready to go to war' look. The gun fits in very well into the arm slot and the head turns all the way too. Boba is a favorite with Star War passionate kids and will make for many hours of imaginative play and help to better several cognitive and physical skills.

LEGO Star Wars Characters - Captain JagCaptain Jag

Who can imagine Star Wars without Captain Jag. This little fellow comes complete with his helmet and set designed on his chest. The rotating head and moving legs make for great play and the fact that the parts fit so smoothly makes it perfect for the younger kids too.

LEGO Star Wars Characters - Imperial Royal Guard with Force PikeRoyal Guard

Of all the Lego Star Wars characters, this one is definitely meant for those new to the Lego world. Not very complicated, this red soldier stands guard with his black spear and is ideal for young minds who would like to enjoy the thrill of putting a Lego character together even with their basic motor skills.

LEGO Star Wars Characters - Obi-Wan with Silver LightsaberObi-Wan

This is the big guy from the series. Complete with his brown headset, this one is very popular amongst the kids. The headset and the lightsaber allow for more imaginative play while detachable arms and legs help build on hand- eye co-ordination. The lightsaber glides in and out thus exciting the child's senses even further.

AhsokaLEGO Star Wars Characters - Ahsoka

Multi-colored and enigmatic this one is for the older kids. Recommended for those 10 years and above, the parts in here are several. The figurine is not only a great prop for imaginative play, but it also allows room for exploration. The parts fit with great ease and one can turn them around comfortably too. Learning to fit the various similar looking parts in the right slots is the name of the game here.

Clone trooper Battle Pack

LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle PackComplete with battle ship and soldiers, this pack is a winner all the way. There is a BARC speeder included and 85 pieces in all, which makes it a lot of fun. Learning to identify the correct combination of the pieces helps kids to learn to put their cognitive skills to use. Later trying out other combinations of the same blocks makes for some great creativity leaps. The figurines are easy to make while the battleship calls for higher expertise, thus offering kids various levels of difficulty.

Anakin Skywalker - LEGO Star Wars Figure
Anakin Skywalker
Barriss Offee - LEGO Star Wars Minifigure

Barriss Offee
LEGO Star Wars Chase Mini Figure Limited Edition Chrome Stormtrooper with Blaster Rifle

Chrome Stormtrooper

The Lego Star War characters are not just a play prop. They help kids to unleash their imagination and use their mind in combination with their physical senses to achieve their desired target. Indeed the skill that is a must in their adult years.

Since the theme of these blocks is Star Wars, the kids are attracted to them and learn all the above lessons without being forced or feeling any pressure at all. This learning by default is what stays with the children for many years to come. You may also want to have a look at what's new from Lego.

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