10 Best Math Logic Games for Kids

Math logic games are probably one the best methods for teaching kids of any age, especially since many children nowadays seem to dislike and dread it severely. These games can be a wonderful way to help children understand the concepts, improve their skills and really enjoy it.

Instead of trying to force kids into merely learning things like mathematical formulas, it is a much better way to introduce math as a 'game' rather than as a 'subject'. In this way math logic games have proved very effective and are often used by several institutions to help students enjoy and master the subject.

Below are 10 such math logic games that have helped achieve these results:

10 Best Math Logic games for Kids


MastermindBought to us by Pressman Toy, this is a game that helps sharpen the player's logic and deduction powers. The intent of the game is to break the code set by the code maker in 10 moves or less. MastermindThere are over 2000 possible codes and these can be made even more difficult as one moves up in the game. Designed for kids of 8 years and above, Mastermind definitely helps children to use and develop their cognitive skills thoroughly.


SudokuA number game, this one can excite the minds of kids and adults alike. Manufactured by Vintage Sports Cards, Do You Sudoku offers 100 different number puzzles at three difficulty levels. The fact that one can play this game alone as well as with others makes Sudoku gameit quite popular. Targeted for kids 8 years and older, the aim of the game is to arrange numbers from 1 to 9 in the horizontal and vertical rows of the 3X3 grid without duplicating a number. Though the rules are simple the game demands intense mind application.

Logic Links Puzzle

MindWare Logic Links Puzzle BoxThis Mindware creation offers 166 puzzles and each one is designed to challenge the players and excite the mind's logical deductive powers. The game also includes 32 plastic game chips and an instruction manual. MindWare Logic Links Puzzle BoxAppropriate for kids 6 years and older, this aim of the game is to solve the puzzle by placing the coloured chips at the right spots by gaining information from the clues. One is taught how to think in all directions and use the minds ability to multitask and put together a whole idea by understanding the parts.

Classic Tangoes

Classic TangoesInspired by the classic Chinese Tangram puzzle, this game comes to us from Smart/Tangoes USA. Apart from a blue and red set of tangoes, the set also contains a deck of cards with 27 double sides of puzzle Classic Tangoeschallenges. The intent of the game is to replicate the forms on the card by using the seven pieces of the puzzle. Apart from unleashing ones creativity, the game also helps to develop on the player's problem solving ability.

Square Root Puzzle

Square Root PuzzleSupplied by Square Root, this game is a brain teaser with various levels of difficulty. The objective of the game is to slide the larger blocks Square Root Puzzlethrough the slots in the bottom of the tray. The simpler games take about 63 moves to get the task completed while in the difficult levels the moves go all the way up to 263. Apart from enhancing the mind's problem solving ability, the game also works to build logical graphs.

Tantrix game pack

Tantrix discovery game packFamily Game impresses with its Tantrix Discovery Game Pack. There are 56 tiles in the pack and the game allows for single play as well as group play up to four people. Tantrix discovery game packDeveloped for kids 8 years and older, the game's intention is to build the longest line of your designated color while also preventing your opponent from forming a line of the other color. With 2 unsolved puzzles and 40 solitaire puzzles, the pack is designed for hours of play and mental stimulation in the logical deduction arena.

Rush Hour

ThinkFun Rush HourAnother gem by Think Fun this game has four levels of play and 40 mind challenge cards. There are 16 autos in the pack with one red escape car and also the traffic grid board. The objective of the game is to get the red escape ThinkFun Rush Hourcar out of the jam with minimum moves and while obeying all the traffic laws. The planning and foresight that the game demands forms the basis of the cognitive skills that the game helps develop.


ThinkFun TiltThink Fun comes up with another great game to help sharpen the cognitive skills of a child. With 40 challenge cards, two green sliders and four ThinkFun Tiltblue ones, along with 6 gray square blocks, the game grid base can be set up. The aim of the game is to slide the green sliders through the exit while the blue ones remain on the grid. This is a single player game and helps the mind to develop in all directions of the logical area.

Solitaire Chess

ThinkFun Solitaire ChessThe effects of chess on the cognitive skills of the mind are no hidden fact. Solitaire Chess by Think Fun is on the same lines. With 10 pieces and 40 challenges, the intent of the game is to capture a ThinkFun Solitaire Chesspiece with every move. The fast pace of the game forces players to think quickly and speed up their logical analysis of the situation.

Chocolate Fix

ThinkFun Chocolate FixThink Fun impresses with another gem in the math logic games section. Somewhat on the lines of Sudoku, this game offers four levels of play with forty mind challenges. The clues on the card need to be examined before the play ThinkFun Chocolate Fixbegins and the intent of the play is to arrange the colored chocolate pieces in the right format. With beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert levels to offer, the game appeals to a large age bracket. Players are able to build on cognitive skills as well as sharpen their logical math to great extents.

All of the Math Logic games discussed about are known for their easy format and yet challenging play forms. These games are able to bring a mathematical structure to the child's world without pressuring the kid with academic burdens.

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