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Educational Insights Math WhizMath multiplication games have improved considerably over the past few years. I still remember during primary school my game was to multiply the numbers on vehicle registration numbers. Problem with this 'game' was that my father had to be in the car to check my answers.

Today there is very little doubt in my mind that these type of games really work to develop and improve mathematical skills.

FlashMaster: Handheld computer for mastering multiplication tables that makes flashcards obsolete
FlashMaster for mastering multiplication tables
Multiplication Wrap Ups
Multiplication Wrap Ups
Multiplication Practice
Multiplication Practice


One of the biggest advantages of my game was that most of the other vehicles were moving, thus only allowing me a very limited time to do the calculation. LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic Math MissionsBut regardless of the crudeness of this game, I soon developed an outstanding math ability at school. For most of my primary school years my math marks ranged between 95% and 100%.

During high school years I improved that numbers skill and eventually went on to obtain a chemical engineering degree.

Today I have no doubt that math games help tremendously to develop ability and improve a numbers skill. Fortunately today our math games are much more fun and keep attention that much longer thereby offering much better learning opportunities for kids.

Timed Math Drills Multiplication
Timed Math Drills Multiplication
Twist and Shout Multiplication
Twist and Shout Multiplication
24 Game Multiply/Divide Primer
24 Game Multiply/Divide Primer

For me there is a definite sequence to develop math skills. I believe there is little point to go to math multiplication games before the basics are not properly mastered.

Developing math skills

  1. The basis of all number skills is to know and really understand numbers. What this simply means is that anyone must be comfortable with counting, addition and subtraction first.  Minute Math Electronic Flash Card

  2. You learn math skills, and especially multiplication and division skills, by repetition. The biggest problem is just that children are quickly bored with only one game. That's why I strongly suggest you get at least 2 multiplication games... and alternatively use them.

  3. Retain your child's attention and interest by alternating between games, or even getting more advanced ones that offer bigger challenges. One of the best practices that worked well for me was to time my activities as far as possible. Of course, now many games come with some in-built timer facility.

  4. Advance to division games only once multiplication is properly mastered. And even when your focus is shifted to division, I suggest that playing with your favorite math multiplication game is continued.

The Iguana Factor Multiplication Game
The Iguana Factor
Multiplication Game
Learning Resources Snap It Up Math Card Game, Multiplication
Math Card Game
Math Dash Game: Multiplication & Division
Math Dash Game
Multiplication & Division

Nowadays math is not often one of the favorite subjects at school. But by using different multiplication games, anyone can drastically develop ability and improve his or her skills to the point where math actually becomes easy.

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