Math Number Games for Grasping Vital Numerical Concepts

The Sequence numbers game is for 5 year olds and up - for enjoyably improving number skillsEarly exposure to a range of math number games is probably one of the most beneficial learning experiences kids of all ages can have. Your responsibility is to introduce your child to the basic number concepts by picking the right games. This develops an effortless understanding and a numbers fondness.

The advantage of starting kids out early on their journey of learning is that young babies absorb learning simply through exposure.

Number crunch'n is a fun-filled challenge to improve basic math and number skillsConsider how your child learns words, language, verbal concepts and meanings. Bilingual or multilingual families probably see an active demonstration of this: a child learns 2 languages as easily as 1.

Later, for older kids, learning becomes an effort or a chore to be performed. However early exposure to math number games can mean that your child will enjoy school based learning more because they will find concepts familiar and easier.

Math number games - buying & downloading

Alas for parents and caregivers who have so much to get done in a single day, it is not always possible to spend that much time playing and teaching a toddler; no matter how much one may want to. So you may need some help from games such as:These extra large learning cards are for encouraging letter and number recognition through different activities

This math numbers game is time limited, scored and encourages all four math applications depending on your child's skill levelApart from these games, there are various math number games and applications that you can download (many for free) on to your cell phone or other hand held device from Google Play or from the Apple website. These can be very useful to keep your child occupied on car rides, while waiting in the supermarket checkout line, or anytime when you need her to keep out of mischief for a while!

For a few more online options, check out this page.

Playing math games

Math dice encourages players to get to a number by by using any of the basic math applicataionsUsing simple one-on-on one games, parents can teach number concepts to babies as young as 1 or 2 years of age. Here are some simple games that parents or older siblings can play with a toddler. Not only will the toddler delight in this interesting and challenging play, she will learn a lot without seeming to; and you can involve your child in these games simply as you go about your day.

1. Nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes have evolved in order to teach children various things about life in a simple and uncomplicated manner. There are many nursery rhymes you sing for your toddler to help him understand numbers: One two, buckle my shoe teaches him simple activities and counting up to 10. This little piggy can teach a child to count on his fingers or differentiate his toes.

2. The name shape game

Each child seems to have their own special speed at which they are able to understand various concepts. While one child may understand the meaning of square at 18 months, another may not grasp it till much later.

As soon as your toddler is old enough to grasp concepts of shapes you can start the spot-the-shape game; one of the simple but enjoyable math number games for kids. What shape is this plate? What shape is this photo frame? Can spot the triangle in this room? Involve your child in these simple activities to keep her mind alert and to keep learning.

3. Sorting/Counting games

You can let your child sort between red and blue items of clothing, fewer or more numbers of crackers and less and more juice in a cup. Get creative and involve your child in more such math number games and involve sorting, comparison, grading and other similar concepts. Your child can learn to count her toys, lean how to set a table for one, two or more people, count the number of steps on the porch or the stepping stones in the garden… the possibilities are endless!

4. Compare sizes game

Build kids' reading and number skills with the award-winning ZingoAnother game for your child to enjoy is the compare sizes game. Who is bigger - daddy or mommy? Is this table bigger or that one? Why is baby's bowl smaller than that of an older sibling? Because baby is smaller! Simple everyday activities can transform effortlessly into learning activities.

5. Bath games

Bath can be fun time and can also be time for your toddler to learn using various math number games. The size of the mother ducky and baby ducky can make for a fun game. Graded sizes of containers to show the amount of water each cup can hold (pouring water from the small to the big container doesn't fill up the big container; why?). As your child gets older, the complexity of these games can increase: how many smaller cups can fill a big one, and so on.

6. Memory game

Math dice junior for little ones - encouraging number conceptsPlace three objects before your baby, let him look at them and then tell him to shut his eyes. Cover one of those objects, and tell him to open in his eyes. Can he remember what the hidden object is? How many objects were there? How many are there now? Simple, but interesting for your toddler! Again the complexity can increase you keep your toddler challenged.