Melissa and Doug Blocks & Educational Toys

A surprising discovery I recently made was the number of Melissa and Doug blocks I still have in and around the house and therapy room. Now, no-one gets so many blocks and toys overnight. And I’m not sure how many years it took me to accumulate so many of them, but I can clearly remember seeing many children spending countless hours having fun with them. Some of these blocks hardly show signs of wear and tear.

By now you and I both know that Melissa & Doug is a brand you can rely on. Although I cannot remember why I specifically bought all these blocks from Melissa & Doug, I can only speculate that it was, and still is, because they're always well designed and made, educational toys that encourage and stimulate various aspects of kids’ development and learning.

I'd like you to join me to look at a few Melissa and Doug blocks and some of their other educational toys you may very well want to look at if you're looking for a great toy for your child. I've tried to sort the various educational toys into relevant age groups.

The 'blocks' described here vary greatly in texture, shape, color, size... and use. Almost all of the toys have successfully withstood the test of time... they're still highly popular!

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Melissa and Doug blocks: 0-12mnths

There are several Melissa and Doug toys for babies that you can start your baby off with: match and build soft blocks, sorting board, soft activity books, take along town play mat, rainbow stacker, build an inchworm, talking-learning toys and so much more.

Melisssa & Doug match and build blocks
Match and build blocks
Melissa and Doug sorting board
Sorting board
Melissa and Doug soft activity book
Soft activity book
Melissa and Doug take-along town play mat
Take Along Town Play Mat
Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker
Rainbow Stacker
Melissa and Doug build an inchworm
Build an Inchworm

The Match And Build Soft Blocks are among the most popular Melissa and Doug blocks; allowing kids to build up and knock down these attractive, soft blocks that encourage a number of development skills.

Melissa and Doug: 12-24mnths

For kids about 12-24 months and maybe even a bit older, there are some great options that help with early learning of numbers, shapes, alphabet recognition and with the development of motor skills and physical coordination. There are bowling sets, nesting and stacking games, puzzles, learning games and more.

Shape sorting cube
Shape sorting cube
Melissa and Doug shape stacking train
Stacking train
Melissa and Doug smart stacker
Smart stacker

The Stacking Train Toddler Toy with its lovely wooden shapes and bright colors helps kids learn counting, shape and color sorting while taking the train to various stations. Of course, there's also the very popular smart stacker for building, stacking, drop-through... a fun way to learn many important perceptual skills.

Melissa and Doug alphabet nesting and stacking blocks
Cardboard nesting blocks
Melissa and Doug 100-piece wood block set
100-Piece wood blocks
Melissa and Doug alphabet truck with wood blocks
Alphabet truck with blocks

A few Melissa and Doug Blocks variations I like are the alphabet Nesting and Stacking ones which are lightweight cardboard boxes that fit one into another and can be stacked or nested while a child learns their alphabets. And although we don't still have all the 100 wood blocks, there are quite a few still for many hours of building fun.

These stacking blocks gave countless hours of creative play, despite all the other development benefits.

Knob wooden farm puzzle
Knob wooden farm puzzle
Latches board
Latches board
Wooden pounding bench
Wooden pounding bench

The jumbo knob puzzle with cut out animal shapes for kids to fit the correct piece into will also help kids know a bit about farmyard animals despite learning lots about more complex shapes and sizes.

The highly entertaining pounding bench with the wooden mallet is one among the more highly rated toys for kids in this age category... and one I particularly like.

Melissa and Doug blocks + other toddler toys

Blocks and toys for around 2-4 year olds include many options such as the Standard Unit Blocks for older kids that offer endless possibilities and many hours of fun. I'm pretty sure these blocks must rank as THE best value-for-money plaything I ever bought my sons. Another very popular variation is the Jumbo Cardboard Blocks... or even the Animal Wooden Nesting Blocks.

60-Piece standard wooden blocks
60-Piece wooden blocks
Jumbo cardboard block - 40 pieces- in 3 different sizes
Jumbo cardboard blocks
Animal wooden nesting blocks
Wooden nesting blocks

I like pattern blocks and have over a number of years regularly given these to my children to play with. There are the Beginner Pattern Blocks for toddlers and the more advanced Pattern Blocks for older kids (also listed below). All these are great for helping kids develop thinking, recognition, problem solving and a range of other perceptual skills... all while keeping them absorbed for hours.

Beginner pattern blocks and shapes
Beginner pattern blocks
Melissa and Doug easel with magnetic board
Easel with magnetic board
Melissa and Doug learn to play piano
Learn to play piano

The magnetic chalk board and dry erase easel is wonderful for scribbling, doodling, drawing, practicing writing skills and expressing creativity. What makes this board unique is that it's magnetic... thus also allowing kids to stick magnetic letters and characters to it.

The Learn to Play piano is an attractive and colorful toy with 25 keys and two full octaves. They come in different colors and comes with a color coded song book.

And for brave parents who don’t mind some amount of banging, clanging and other tuneless noise, there is the Band In A Box toy that lets kids play with and play a number of instruments such as a cymbals, maracas, a tambourine, triangle, tone blocks and clacker.

Band in a box
Band in a box
Shape sorting clock
Shape sorting clock
Reusable sticker pads
Reusable sticker pads

The Shape Sorting Clock is a fun and easy way to introduce the concept of time, telling time, understanding hours and minutes and more.

Some of the other Melissa and Doug options for the 2-4year old group include things like reusable sticker pads, fold and go toys such as doll houses and barns, role play costumes (doctor, police officer, construction worker, ballerina and many more), responsibility and chore charts, tool sets, play food sets and much more.

Fold and go dollhouse
Fold and go dollhouse
Cutting food
Cutting food
Play costume set
Fire Chief
play costume set

Melissa and Doug blocks + other toys for young kids

Consider this: Before thinking of merely buying your child more toys, take a look at the ones s/he already has. Many of the toys that you buy for your child as a toddler will continue to engage, interest and benefit your child beyond the preschool age.

For instance a magnetic chalk board or easel is something that a child can continue to use as they go to school, practice their writing and drawing skills and so on. You may however want to consider adding a set of magnetic letters and numbers to enhance its versatility.

In the same way the wooden play food sets and the dress up costumes and even most of the Melissa and Doug blocks sets will continue to amuse your child and their friend who comes over to play.

However, if it's something new you're after, then here are a few ideas.

Wooden alphabet stamp set
Wooden alphabet
stamp set
Letters and numbers magnets
Letters and numbers
Melissa and Doug fashion design plates kit
Fashion design kit

Alphabet Stamp Set that kids will enjoy to differentiate between upper and lower case letters, creating first simple and then longer more complex words. Kids can also use the stamps for art and school projects. For kids inclined towards a bit of fashion, there is also the Fashion Design Plates Kit that lets a child explore their inner designer.

The Multi Craft Weaving Loom can actually help your child create mats, scarves, coasters, drawstring pouches and more. It's a wonderfully creative and rewarding way to make useful objects and gifts.

Multi-craft weaving loom
weaving loom
Suspend game
Suspend game
Pattern blocks and boards
Pattern blocks and

The Suspend Game is for kids aged 8 and up that requires concentration and strategy and can keep older kids gainfully engaged and interested when playing together.

Older kids may also enjoy using the Deluxe Magic Set which I believe is great for developing fine motor skills and self confidence. Another Melissa and Doug blocks set that's great for older kids, is the 33 piece World Map Floor puzzle.

Deluxe magic set
Deluxe magic set
World map floor puzzle
World map floor puzzle
Pirates chest
Pirates chest

And which kid is not fascinated by pretend play! The Pirate Treasure Chest lets your child enjoy all of that and have loads of fun with the eye patch, the loot bag, skull lock, the stolen stash and more!

Melissa & Doug toys are thoughtfully designed with kids in mind. They are high quality toys that are made with care and attention to safety. A major focus area for these educational toys is kids’ development and entertainment.

In short, they're great options for your own kids and make great gifts too.

Choose the right toys

Amazon or the store website are probably the two most comprehensive resources for searching any Melissa & Doug toys... Amazon being my favorite because of it's more user-friendly search facilities.

And just in case you don't know... Melissa and Doug blocks and their other educational toys can be customized and personalized. Kids enjoy having something which have their names on it or have a special message just for them. It can become their favorite toy and something that ultimately hold very special meaning.

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