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Monopoly game boardWith a sales record of more 275 million games, the Monopoly game board is no doubt a leader in the board games arena. This 75 year old game has a lot to offer to kids. But for adults too this is one of the main reasons why Monopoly is truly the world's best family board game.

Great things about the Monopoly board game

The game is available in over 111 countries and 43 languages. It has been produced in many customized versions and there is one available in brail too for the visually impaired. Keeping up with technology, the game is today available on I phones and the internet also.

Monopoly appeals to people across nations and ages simply due to its magnificent layout. The game does not have a moment of boredom. One has to be alert about moves of the other player and simultaneously build a long term strategy for the game.

Not only does the game help to increase the player's concentration powers, but is also great at aiding in understanding how the logical chain of business planning works.

Monopoly - The Classic Edition
Monopoly Classic
Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition
Monopoly Electronic Banking
Monopoly Junior Edition
Monopoly Junior

Monopoly game board variations

Very few games exist today, that come in so many different variations... each with it's own twist and approach that makes it unique.

The most common Monopoly board game is often also called the 'classic'. Then there's the electronic banking edition to keep up with modern technology. And the Junior version for younger players of around 5-8 years old. And the list goes on...

Watch out for the Disney version, or the Revolution... or even the Nintendo one... and more.

Monopoly Revolution
Monopoly Revolution
Monopoly Disney Edition
Monopoly Disney Edition
Monopoly Nintendo
Monopoly Nintendo

How the game works

The Monopoly game board is one of buying and selling property. The game board consists paper money, a banker, houses, buildings and the works. If looking to better your kid's skills at math or even teaching him how to deal with money, Monopoly is definitely a good choice.

Monopoly Family Championship
Monopoly Family Championship
Monopoly Mega Edition
Monopoly Mega Edition
Monopoly Deal Card Game
Monopoly Deal Card Game

It is a game where you will need to put your cognitive skills to use. And, of course, the two decks of community cards ensure that the luck factor is also maintained in the game.

Monopoly can be played by 2 to 8 players at a time. One of the players is also assigned the role of the banker and this player will handle all the money for the game and also all the property deeds.

Each player is to be given 1500 pounds with 2 notes of 500 pounds, 2 of 100 and 2 of 50. There are also 6 twenties, 5 tens, 5 fives and 5 ones. Currency used in the game may however change. The player to roll the highest dice starts the game from the GO square and from here on begins the interesting journey of monopoly. There are two decks of community cards that are placed in the center of the board, which bring the twist in the game.

Monopoly Pirates of the Carribean
Monopoly Pirates of the
Monopoly The Nightmare Before Xmas
Monopoly The Nightmare Before
Monopoly Here & Now Edition
Monopoly Here & Now Limited

The number on the rolled dice will decide the length of your move and the square that you land on will determine your choices. If you land on a property slot and if you have enough money, you can buy property. If your slot asks you to draw from the community cards, then you get an opportunity to see what lady luck has in store for you. The 'go to jail' community card will frustrate you no end and you can only get out of jail if you pay 50 pounds, roll a double, come up with the out of jail card or three turns pass till either of this happens.

Monopoly-Simpson's Electronic Edition
Monopoly-Simpson's Electronic
Usaopoly Family Guy Collector's Edition Monopoly
Usaopoly Family Guy Collector's
Edition Monopoly
Monopoly Beatles
Monopoly Beatles

 The idea of the game is to win all the money from the other players. The players to go bankrupt keep falling out of the game while those who have managed to build properties and other commercial ventures can take rents and multiply their funds. Every time a player passes the GO slot a sum of 200 pounds is paid to the player as salary. However, the player has to remember to ask for this money.

Despite being a good 75 years old, the Monopoly game board is one that has managed to retain the interests of millions of people. Indeed this gem from Hasbro is the king of board games.

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