About Online Educational Games for Toddlers - How Beneficial Are They Really?

Parents often debate whether online educational games for toddlers really are superior ways to improve their child's development. Do they really result in superior intelligence? And do they improve school performance? Here's an answer and a strategy we've tried with our own children that unexpectedly resulted in above-average results.

Most parents instinctively believe that when their little one starts mastering online educational games it is the first sign of a superior intelligence and expect sheer brilliance to follow. In fact, many parents boast and show off their toddler's apparent superior intelligence once s/he has figured out a few paths on a computer. These apparent first signs trigger parents to at once start dreaming about their next Einstein or Da Vinci or…

About Online Educational Games for Toddlers

In reality, very few of these seemingly super bright kids really excel at school.

Toddler play phone
Play phone

Toddler's little tablet
Little tablet

Green laptop
Green laptop

Research found that literally thousands of children with genuine above-normal intelligence struggle at school… even if they try really hard. In almost all cases child development specialists found one common hindrance…

Many children lack a complete range of skills.

What does this mean? And what does this have to do with online educational games for toddlers?

What toddlers need

Simply this, children must develop a complete range of skills for best early childhood learning to occur. And without a complete range of skills it is almost certain that a child will at some stage struggle with scholastic tasks. For fun ways to develop these skills... go here or even here

Surprisingly enough… it doesn't need to cost you a penny to ensure your child develops a complete skills set. Exposing a child to various educational experiences can give your child almost all of these skills. And when these experiences are given at the right time it's probably one of the best things you can do to give your child a great start.

One more important point…

When toddlers need it

Many correct developmental experiences don't just happen spontaneously. Parents must plan and do a few simple things to ensure that their child gets the right experience at the right time. Of course, one of the easier and fun ways to ensure this is to get assistance... from things like correctly chosen educational toys.

Experts in child development have also determined that there is an optimum time for infants to learn specific skills. In simple terms… during the first few years your child must learn certain basic skills. These skills are the building blocks for further development. And many learning problems at school can eventually be traced back to some weak building blocks.

The sad thing is, most of these problems could have been prevented if parents knew what their child really needed.

Let me share a secret with you…

Your toddler doesn't really need to play any computer or online educational games to guarantee his or her brilliance at school.

Despite what you may have heard about the unbelievable stimulation potential of computer games, it's not best for your toddler at this stage.

The first years

In short, during the first 4-5 formative years don't be obsessed about getting your child to play any computer or online educational games. It's much more important to develop and properly master skills such as knowing the simple directions of "left" and "right", learning "cause and effect" concepts, getting both hands and eyes to work together, and integrating and using all information your child gets from eyes, ears, left and right, feelings and even thoughts. It's almost like first setting up a powerful computer to do the right things with the data it will soon be receiving.

Your child can get almost all the right skills and experiences merely by playing games, doing ordinary day-to-day activities and playing with stimulating educational toys.

But let's say you still don't believe this view and still decide your child must still learn the computer by one way or another, preferably by playing online educational games rather than to spend time on the traditional learning methods.

What then?

Truthfully, you will probably succeed in teaching your kid to play some of these online educational games for toddlers. And your child will eventually be able to somehow 'use' a computer. But these won't be  real meaningful skills... you'll most likely only develop "splinter skills" at best. That's very similar to building a house without a good foundation. In reality... the house looks great now, but success ultimately depends on the quality of the foundation!

Last and final point...


Focusing on online educational games for toddlers takes very important time away from other specific and vital development activities your little one needs. And these activities are the real building blocks all children need if they are really going to excel at school.

Our advice is therefore, forget about other parents showing off their children that play online or computer games. Rather let your toddler rather build a good foundation now.

In short...

For now, forget about online educational games for toddlers and rather follow the guidelines below to choose some proven educational toys for your child.

Educational Toy Guideline

Pick toys that are age appropriate... too hard becomes frustrating; too easy means the toy is ignored

Musical activity cube
Activity cube

Toddler bead maze
Bead maze

Pretend n play toddler pro chef
Pretend n play

The best toys encourage the development needs of that age

Geometric pegboard
Geometric pegboard

Toddler activity walker
Activity walker

Duplo blocks are exactly double the size of a Lego block. They can therefore be mixed and used as one set.
Duplo blocks

Look for toys with many uses. They are great as they can still be used when the child grows older

First builders blocks
First blocks

Magnetic building blocks
Magnetic blocks

Duplo blocks are exactly double the size of a Lego block. They can therefore be mixed and used as one set.
Duplo blocks

Buy toddler toys that can be easily handled (lifted and grasped)

Little broom set

Toddler pounding bench
Pounding bench

Alphabet apple
Alphabet apple

Choose educational toys producing sounds in response to your child's actions

toddler drum set
Drum set

Toddler tunes karaoke
Tunes karaoke

Band in a box

Make use of bright or contrasting colors to stimulate the senses

Geometric shape stacker
Geometric shape stacker

Toddler peg board
Toddler peg board

Toddler lacing beads
Lacing beads

Buy educational toys that enable you to play with your child. What better way for you to bond with your child during these early crucial months.

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