Ideas About Planning A Learning Outdoor Activity for Kids

Planning an outdoor activity for kids?

If you grew up without video games and constant television viewing, your ideas about a great outdoor activity for kids probably include things such as sports, bicycle riding, or even collecting fireflies on a lazy summer afternoon.

And while you were enjoying your outdoor activity… you also learned something. Want to do the same for your kids?

Most important of all… get them away from the TV or computer. Then give them the materials and ideas they need to enjoy the great outdoors!

What are the basics you need?

You don't need anything fancy or expensive.

For a summer kid activity, buy a few of these basics and watch the fun begin...

 Plastic "bug farms"
 A pail and shovel for making sand castles or mud pies
 Frisbees or similar flying discs
 Badminton sets

For your older child, allow her to plant a small vegetable or flower garden in the spring and tend to it all summer.

This activity will teach your kid much about gardening, science and patience. And think how proud your child will be when you make a family meal using the vegetables she grew!

A winter outdoor activity for kids

One that's easy and fascinating is collecting and examining snowflakes.

Use a piece of black cloth (such as black velvet or felt) to catch individual snowflakes, and then look closely at them with a magnifying glass. Turn this outdoor activity into a learning activity by studying the different snowflake shapes and crystal formations.

Whatever outdoor activity you choose to try, make sure it is appropriate for your child's age level and ability. You'll avoid a lot of frustration if you do. And it will encourage her to learn even more!

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