Critical Ingredients Every Preschool Online Game Must Have

A preschool online game may be one of the great fun ways to expand and grow your child's skills, ability and development.

Trouble is, even if your preschooler is quite skillful in front of a computer, s/he may not be getting any of the educational value you'd hoped for. In fact, you may be thinking that basic preschooler development is in place... while it's not!

The truth is, good computer skills at preschool age are surely no indication of superior development. Your child may still go on to struggle terribly with basic scholastic tasks.

Many people believe a preschool online game is an excellent way to develop eye-hand coordination. But this is also not true. Computer games typically develop reflexes rather than real coordination.

Ever noticed how a computer expert can be all thumbs when it comes to real eye-hand coordination activities... like on the sports field?

Sound at all familiar?

So how do you make sure that your child really develops the right skills while playing a computer, arcade or online game?

Here are a few guidelines you can follow to teach computer skills and, at the same time get the right educational development.

Three of the most important basic concepts your preschooler needs to master before attending school are…

  Know, name and distinguish colors
  Know, name and identify basic shapes
  Basic understanding of numbers (not necessarily able to add and subtract)

This means that when you're looking for a good educational preschool online game, choose one where different basic shapes, colors and sizes are used. You're not going to search for ones with guns, people, aeroplanes, and all sorts of flying and crawling objects.

Look for a game using simple shapes like squares, rectangles, circles and combinations thereof.

And most important… look for a game that demands skill and challenge.

There are many suitable preschool online games, you can surely check out. But have a look at ones such as Super Collapse, Collapse 2, Shape Shifter and, of course, the very powerful Tetris and its offshoots.

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