Very Simple, Yet Potent Baby Toys

You may think of baby rattles as low-tech baby toys… toys not even worth a second thought. True, but you'll be very surprised at how these infant toys have grown over the past few years.

We all know babies like these toys because they like to explore their world with their mouths.

Babies use their mouths as one of the very first ways to explore their worlds.

This is where these underestimated baby toys can help your child's development... especially for infants 4 months and older.

At this early stage of life, their senses are limited. But you can still radically improve your infant's development by stimulating touch, hearing and sight senses.

Today's baby rattle isn't just the traditional mini-plastic dumbbell. These toys are often multishaped, multisided forms to develop children's motor skills (handling and playing), auditory capabilities (squeaks and rustling sounds), sense of touch (contrasting fabrics), and vision (bright colors).

There are even versions that can be strapped to a baby's wrist or ankle for more options in crib-time play. These versions also prevent your baby from throwing the toys around.

Plastic, wood, and silver versions of these toys are still popular. But I always advise the plastic, rubber and wooden ones.

Make sure when buying these toys that they have no small parts that could choke an infant and that they don't contain harmful chemicals. Fortunately almost all major manufacturers already take care of the latter.

Rattles are often your child's first toys. Why don't you use this play and discovery time by carefully choosing the best one to improve and grow senses and general development?

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