Even Kids Learn To Invest And Make Money With The Rich Dad Poor Dad Game

The rich dad poor dad game - Cashflow - has drawn huge attention worldwide. Yet many remain sceptic.

I'm, however, an enthusiastic fan.

My review of the rich dad poor dad game titled "Simply The Best Kid Money Game", also got many comments and remarks from sceptics.

And guess what?

I'm even more adamant that a product must be judged on results rather than mere perceptions.

So, to support my opinion... here are 3 sensational results I've seen with my kids... after playing Cashflow 101 so many times.

First off, I continue to give them a weekly allowance (Rich Dad would probably have said I keep them weak and needy!). But, that's only half the story... all three of them must complete their income-expenses and asset-liability statements before getting anything.

Granted, their statements are still very easy to do, but they've grasped a feel for how any money flow affects these statements. Fact is, even tough they've still got a lot to learn, I'm certain that they have a better financial education than any of their non Cashflow-playing peers.

Here's more... one of my sons, he's 14 now, is always in need of more than his allowance. I think he's a true believer of Rich Dad's view that the world is filled with lots of money.

In the past it was my responsibility to give him extra tasks. Not any more!

Now he looks for problems in the nearby area. Anything where he can provide the solution... at a price of course!

Needless to say, he's always in money.

Best of all, here's how the rich dad poor dad game changed their perceptions about having money.

My kids recently inherited a small amount. Now all they're intested in is "how and where do we invest it?"

They're even getting information on how to buy a rental property! And they'll most likely succeed!

Bottom line is this... my father was an accountant who gave me a very good financial education. But, judging by my children's financial education... I'd say the rich dad poor dad game gives them a much superior one!

Even if you still doubt the results I've seen with my kids, just look at one more opinion...

The respected New York Times ran an article on Sunday, February 1, in its Money & Business section - entitled "The Rising Value of Play Money: The Board Game That Aims to Teach People How To Get Rich Is Gaining Fans the World Over".

Amongst others it was stated... "Move over, Monopoly. A new board game that aims to teach people how to get rich is gaining fans the world over"

Rich dad poor dad game review